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Eve is heartbroken by Suki's secretness around their kiss in EastEnders

When Ash makes a move on her, how will Eve react?

As the Panesar children make plans to go to the opening of the family’s new GP surgery tomorrow, Ash gets a frustrating phone call which leaves Vinny intrigued.

Offering her support to Suki, Eve suggests they go to McClunky’s where they bond over music. Feeling a spark, Suki invites Eve home where she kisses her.

At the opening of the Panesar’s new GP surgery, Eve turns up to support Suki and is upset by her unexpectedly standoffish attitude. With the opening underway, Suki introduces Ash to a journalist but both are stunned when she drops a bombshell.

When Eve and Suki talk properly about last night, Eve is left heartbroken when she realises that Suki will always hide their relationship. And when Ash invites her out, Eve friend zones her and wrongly assumes that Suki is putting Eve off her.

Later on in the week, in Walford East, Suki is oblivious to Ranveer’s advances, instead slyly watching Ash and Eve and as Ash tries to kiss Eve, she gently turns her down.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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