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Eve is left broken after her date 'Amanda' reveals her true identity in EastEnders

But who is she? And what does she want with Eve?

Overhearing a woman called Caz looking for Eve in the café, a jealous Suki stops Bernie from sharing information on her whereabouts, assuming that she’s a new love interest.

Heading to the café to investigate her secret admirer, Eve agrees to a date.

Sensing her angst towards her upcoming viability assessment to check if she’s a suitable guardian to Lily’s baby, Theo invites Stacey for a drink. Delusional, Theo assumes it’s a date and is later ruffled when Eve gatecrashes.

After Eve ignores calls from 'Amanda', Stacey encourages her to move on with her, but Eve claps back, insisting that Stacey should stop leading Theo on.

But when Stacey clarifies her friendship with Theo, how will he react?

When Eve leaves her phone unattended, Stacey sees that she has a date with Caz later, who is posing as 'Amanda'. But when Stacey is spooked by another letter from her stalker, Eve insists she can't go, but Stacey insists she must and lends her a new outfit to wear.

Later, as Eve goes to leave her awkward date, she's stopped in her tracks by 'Amanda' who reveals her true identity as Caroline. But who is she really? And what does she want with Eve?

The following day, as Eve reels from recent events, Stacey supports her and advises her against seeing Caroline. However, as Stacey prepares for her visit from the social workers, Eve goes against her wishes and decides to meet Caroline at Walford East.

Back home Eve bursts into a fit of rage and trashes the kitchen. And when Theo feigns concern for her wellbeing, Lily and Stacey distract the social worker.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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