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Evelyn is thrown into panic when daughter Cassie turns up at her home in Corrie

Will Evelyn reveal her true identity to Tyrone?

When Roy shows Evelyn the schedule he’s drawn up for Freddie’s care, Evelyn is less than impressed to discover that she’s got Freddie whilst Roy takes Yasmeen to a meeting of the Historical Society.

As Evelyn grumbles to Tyrone about Roy spending time with Yasmeen, neither of them know that Cassie is watching them.

Following Tyrone’s advice, Evelyn steals herself and invites Yasmeen and Roy to join her later at the bistro. Heading home, Evelyn spots Cassie across the street but chooses to ignore her.

On her way to the bistro, Evelyn receives a call which stops her in her tracks and as Roy and Yasmeen wait for Evelyn, she hurries into A&E reception explaining that her daughter, Cassandra Plummer has been admitted as an emergency.

Receiving a call from the hospital, Evelyn chooses to ignore it, but after much soul-searching, calls at the hospital only to discover Cassie has discharged herself.

Returning home, Evelyn is met by Tyrone who reveals that someone called Cath has come to see her.

Entering the living room, Evelyn is horrified to see Cassie grinning at her from the sofa. When Tyrone enquires how they know each other, Evelyn’s thrown into panic.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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