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Evelyn makes Dev pay for hiring Tyrone in Corrie

But can Bernie bite her tongue?

Dev feels the financial strain when he has to fork out for new shoes for the girls and new coffee cups Alina wants for the flat. Evelyn points out that he has two houses to run and fancy coffee cups are a luxury.

When Evelyn discovers that Dev has given Tyrone a job doing deliveries for the shop, Evelyn is furious and makes barbed remarks to Tyrone about his recent behaviour.

But Evelyn is also put out to find Bernie working in the shop, and further annoyed when she slips and falls on some spilt salad dressing. Clutching her foot in pain, Evelyn threatens to sue Dev and Bernie for criminal negligence.

With her injured leg perched on a chair, Evelyn tells Dev and Bernie that it’s time they discussed compensation. Dev implores her to be reasonable and a disgruntled Bernie moans to Dev that she’s not happy to be at Evelyn’s beck and call.

As Evelyn lists the chores she has planned for her, Bernie is forced to bite her tongue. However, when Dev spots Evelyn pegging out the washing in the backyard, he’s amused and points out that her injured leg is clearly much better.

Evelyn’s furious and Dev admits to Bernie that Evelyn’s had them over a barrel and there’s nothing wrong with her leg. Fuming, Bernie vows to get even. But what has she got planned?

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV

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