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Events leading up to Chantelle's tragic EastEnders exit revealed

Following the announcement that Chantelle's domestic abuse storyline will reach a tragic end, some more details have now been revealed about the events leading up to her death.

On Monday, as Chantelle packs as much as she can for the 'family holiday', she's interrupted by a knock at the door. When Gray gets there first, he opens and is shocked to see the Taylor family in holiday attire.

After lying and saying it was a last minute trip, Chantelle manages to convince Gray to let her go. But as she visits Kheerat to tell him about her plans to never return, Gray's suspicions intensify.

With her plan coming together, Chantelle arrives home to discover to her horror that Gray has convinced her parents that the kids should stay home with him.

Feeling desperate on the family holiday, Chantelle retreats to a local café. Realising something is wrong and concerned for his daughter, Mitch follows but Chantelle doesn’t open up. Instead she just tells her dad that she misses Mia and Mack.

Desperate to fix things for her, Mitch heads back to Walford to get them, which leaves Chantelle hopeful that her plan is back on. Later, as Chantelle heads out to get treats for the kids arrival, Mitch returns but he is not alone. Gray has come too.

At the seaside café, Chantelle is on the phone to Kheerat. When she returns to the B&B she is horrified to see Gray.

As the Taylors watch a movie together, Gray insists that he, Chantelle and the kids go back the Walford. With the kids already in the car, Chantelle has no choice but to go. As they leave, Mitch detects a flicker of fear on Chantelle’s face.

On Friday, Gray and Chantelle arrive back in Walford but this time, despite her finally finding the courage to tell her husband she is leaving him, Chantelle is unaware of the horror she has lived silently with for many years is about to get worse and have tragic consequences for her.

Will anyone ever learn the truth about what went on behind closed doors at Number One Albert Square?

Find out more about how Women's Aid and Refuge have worked with EastEnders on this sensitive and important storyline here.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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