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Everyone rallies around Lola in EastEnders as she returns home

Can Reverend Mills make Lola feel better about her prognosis? And as Ben struggles to accept Lola's prognosis, wanting to help, will Ben make things worse for his family?

As Jay prepares for Lola to come home, Ben is unconvinced that she should be leaving the hospital and struggles to accept her prognosis.

Arriving home, Lola is greeted by the residents of Walford as they rally around the family for support.

After being previously snubbed by Billy, Sonia shares Reverend Mills’ number with a distressed Jay and encourages him to reach out to her for support for Lola.

As her speech becomes more slurred, Lola becomes very low and the reality of her prognosis sets in. With Lola refusing to see Janet and William, Honey struggles to deal with her complicated emotions towards the situation. Later, she confides her worries with Phil who comes up with a plan to let Janet revise for her GCSEs at Peggy’s away from the upset at home.

After speaking with Phil and Bernadette, Jay reaches out to Reverend Mills who visits Lola to share her religious outlook on death which comforts Lola.

Meanwhile, Ben lashes out at Honey and Billy, accusing the family of accepting Lola’s prognosis too easily.

At the Arches, Jay confronts Ben who's left furious and when Phil speaks to Ben about his mum, he implores his son to stop being selfish and the family gather in Lola's bedroom.

Wanting to apologise for his actions, Ben heads over to No.18 before leaving a voicemail for Dr Washington, requesting help to ensure Lola will still be alive in September.

Later, Ben meets with Dr Washington to discuss a new treatment option available in America,

Soon, Ben heads to No.18 to attend the ladies' day party that Jay, Denise and Kim have arranged for Lola and Patrick joins on a covert video call.

When Ben makes a scene, he leaves and Kathy and Callum head home to try and force him to accept the reality of the situation.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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