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EXCLUSIVE: Eamonn and Ruth to Surprise a Family whose Christmas was ruined by the Gatwick Drones

As Do the Right Thing returns to our screens, Eamonn Holmes OBE made the announcement in an exclusive interview to I Talk Telly which will be published in full on Sunday.

Consumer entertainment show Do The Right Thing, fronted by telly favourites Eamonn Holmes OBE and Ruth Langsford, launched on Channel 5 in March 2018 and will return for a six-part run this Sunday. Moved from its previous Thursday night timeslot, the series will also be broadcast live for the first time ever!

The hour-long shows celebrate ordinary people doing extraordinary things, the right things, whilst also shining a spotlight onto those companies and organisations who are doing the wrong thing.

During our interview about the new series, Eamonn teased "three massive life-changing surprises" across the six brand new live episodes.

He went on to reveal that "We will be doing the right thing and surprising one family whose Christmas was ruined by the chaos at Gatwick as a result of the drones."

"We only confirmed that an hour ago and that will be happening live on the show and is the first of three huge surprises coming up in the series." he went on to add.

Quite how the family will be surprised is being kept a closely guarded secret but viewers will be able to find out by tuning in live on Sunday night.

Eamonn went on to discuss how "the media in general only peddles negativity, and the drama and nastiness in the world. Which is where this show stands out. There's just the most incredible feel-good factor."

"If you watched the movie It's A Wonderful Life over Christmas, the James Stewart classic, I think for the next six weeks we continue along the same lines. In the show we are like guardian angels who come down and look after people, and it's not really us who are the angels, we highlight the other people who are doing that job."

Roving reporter Michael Underwood will once again be returning to the show and in place of Roman Kemp and Ann Widdecombe who took part in the first series, will be comedian Stephen Bailey and Dame Esther Rantzen!

Esther is best-known for founding the charity ChildLine and hosting That's Life! on the BBC for 21 years, before the series sadly ended in 1994.

Come back tomorrow (Saturday) to find out what Eamonn would like to add to his television CV and then check back on Sunday to read the interview in full.

Do the Right Thing with Eamonn and Ruth returns Sunday at 9pm on Channel 5


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