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FAITH COLLAPSES in Emmerdale and wakes up complaining about her sight

Leaving Chas and Paddy worried.

Faith is left thoughtful after her palliative care nurse tells her that the important thing to focus on is dying with no regrets.

Pollard reassures her that her to-do list is a good idea and they both feel emotional about what lies ahead for her.

When Faith struggles on a country walk with Chas, Chas is saddened to see another painful reminder of her mum’s deteriorating health. Spotting a farmer nearby, Faith perks up and flags him down to rescue them.

Chas is taken aback when Faith wants a party before it’s too late and they're both left thinking when Faith implores Chas to not make the same mistakes she has in her own life.

Fearing how upset he'll find it, Cain is reluctant to attend Faith’s last party. When Moira confirms that he’ll be there, Chas is left awkward about how to behave and guilty over his selfishness.

At the Woolpack, there's a slight awkwardness as Faith begins her speech to people arriving but soon everyone relaxes as Faith begins to belt out her karaoke tune.

With the party in full swing, everyone suddenly begins to panic when Faith collapses at the bar!

As Paddy and Chas await news on Faith at the hospital, an upset Chas takes her frustration out on Paddy, leaving him at a loss.

When a nurse arrives to take them to see a confused Faith, they're both worried. And they're distressed to see Faith in such a state, claiming she can't see properly.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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