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Faith reveals her cancer is back in Emmerdale following Cain's death wish

How will he react to this bombshell?

Moira fears ructions when Cain returns from Scotland unexpectedly and discovers Faith in his home.

When he mistakes her chemotherapy side effects for a severe hangover, Faith remains dignified and hiding her heartbreak, leaves the room. Closely followed by Moira who apologises for Cain’s hurtful words.

Despite knowing she can’t avoid the truth coming out much longer, a shaky Faith gratefully accepts Wendy’s care.

Later, hopeful it might give her a chance to make her peace with Cain, Faith asks Chas to make plans for her birthday.

Whilst Chas and Bear plan Faith’s party at the Woolie, Faith struggles with the idea of dropping her bombshell on her birthday but is encouraged when Moira suggests she has a plan to ensure Cain shows up.

Apprehensive, Faith worries how Cain will react to being tricked into attending her birthday party. But when he does arrive, Cain is too angry to even speak and scolds the others for tricking him into attending. Meanwhile, Moira bites her tongue on the real reason he’s there.

As the rest of her family support Faith, a bitter Cain can’t get past his past grievances with her and when his wish for Faith's birthday is that she’ll drop dead, she reveals that her cancer is back and it’s incurable.

The fallout from Faith’s bombshell begins.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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