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As Cain fears for her mother.

As Faith plots a way to see her grandchildren without supervision, Kyle and Sarah later exchange secret looks when Faith surprises them with the chameleon she’s stolen from the Vets.

When the chameleon escapes, Faith panics and Al is astonished to see a chameleon join him at the bar. With the chameleon returned, Cain and Chas are unhappy with Faith’s stunt and their heart breaks for her when she begs them not to stop her from making more memories with her grandchildren.

But when Chas and Cain stick to their guns about Faith looking after the grandchildren, Faith is tormented to think this is yet another thing being taken away from her. And she's scared when all signs point to her having to relinquish control of her own life.

Chas understands but is stung when Faith wants Cain to have lasting power of attorney after she decides on a DNR.

It’s bleak as they contemplate the idea of Faith not being able to make her own decisions anymore and whilst looking at the power of attorney registration form, Cain asks Ethan for advice.

When Cain arrives to finalise the details of her dying wishes, the distress causes Faith to believe Cain is actually Shadrach. And Cain is shocked when she brandishes a frying pan and screams for him to get away!

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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