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Familiar faces return as Dot is laid to rest in EastEnders

As Sonia struggles to write her eulogy for Dot, will she find the right words to say when the time comes?

As the morning of Dot's funeral arrives, Sonia still hasn't written her eulogy and when Lauren arrives for the funeral, she joins Ricky, Jack and Sonia and they reminisce about Dot and Sonia admits her writer's block.

In a bid for inspiration, Sonia uses Dot’s spare key to the laundrette to let herself in. Finding her there, Martin comforts Sonia who is inconsolable over the unwritten eulogy. When she says she can’t do it, Martin tries to encourage her to speak from the heart.

Later, the residents of Albert Square line the streets to watch and say goodbye to Dot Branning.

When Colin arrives to pay his respects, Sharon is surprised and delighted.

Sonia and the rest of Dot’s family are overwhelmed to see the outpouring of love for Dot as she leaves Albert Square for the last time.

As the mourners gather at the church, Mary reveals that Lofty is en route and Sharon is touched that they all came. And just as Sonia is about to deliver the eulogy, Lofty arrives very late at the church.

Surprised to see Disa at the church, Kathy and her share a hug and Disa says she has a lot to thank Dot for. And Kathy reflects on how Dot took people in, including Disa and Donna when others turned their backs.

As the mourners arrive at The Vic for Dot's wake, Jack pays tribute to Dot as Jim’s true love and Colin tells Sharon about his life.

When Sonia bumps into Reiss Colwell outside, who reveals he’s Dot’s great-nephew. As they go to No.25 together and share a cuppa, they're interrupted when Jack and Patrick bring the wake to the house.

Outside in the Square, Felix gives directions to Dot’s place to a man in a flash car. And as Colin exits the wake with Kathy, she recognises the driver as Barry! But why is he here?

After an emotional day, Sonia has a moment with Reiss and asks him to stay in Walford to be there as a support at Dot’s will reading. Nervous ahead of the will read, Sonia fears she may be made homeless when Dotty inherits the house.

As Dotty excitedly thinks about selling the house and travelling around the world, Dot’s solicitor Kenneth Foskett arrives and divulges Dot’s last wishes to Sonia, Jack, Dotty and Reiss. What will they be?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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