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FAMILY REUNION in EastEnders as Stacey bumps into Jean and Mo on holiday

Can she convince Jean to come back to Walford with her?

After booking a caravan park holiday before the pandemic, Stacey tells Martin that the last day to use it is today. When Martin tells her that he can't go, she extends the invite to Kheerat who politely declines her invitation.

Confiding in Zack, Martin opens up about his regret in telling Stacey that he can't go on the holiday and as Stacey packs, she's flustered when both Kheerat and Martin change their mind and turn up ready to go!

After bringing them both along, the holiday gets off to a rocky start for Stacey as Kheerat and Martin bicker and find themselves competing in a game to see who gets to choose dinner. When he loses, Kheerat throws a strop, thinking he's too good for a caravan park and Stacey confronts him about his attitude.

Despite seeing a different side to Kheerat, Stacey eventually makes up with him and they get a big shock when they head to dinner as Jean is the waitress!

Kheerat convinces Jean to talk to Stacey but is stopped in his tracks when he hears Suki’s desperate voicemail and rushes off.

Meeting with Jean, Stacey is surprised to see that she's with Mo! As the three catch up over a drink, Stacey questions why Jean is here and not staying with her friends as agreed.

When Stacey asks Jean to come home, it becomes apparent that she's worried that people are gossiping about her. Admitting that she's ashamed of her behaviour during her bipolar episode, Jean insists she can never go back there.

As Stacey continues her mission to get Jean home, Lily interjects and gets emotional. And when Stacey and Jean sit down to talk with Lily, Martin shares some moving words. But will it be enough to encourage Jean to come home?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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