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Faye chooses Jackson over Craig in Corrie as she leaves Weatherfield

How will Craig feel about seeing her go?

After assuring her that he would never report her to the police, Craig goes on to suggest to Faye that they should buy a flat together and set a date for the wedding.

Later, when Tim admits how relieved he is that she chose Craig, Faye feels more trapped than ever and when Jackson and Miley invite her for a last family outing before they leave, Faye can't face it.

Instead, Faye breaks down to Gary, admitting that she wants to be with Jackson, but can’t leave Craig because he knows something that could land her back in prison. And Faye tells Craig that Jackson and Miley will be calling around to take some photos before they leave for Slough.

As Faye, Craig, Jackson, Miley, Tim and Sally pose for family photos, Miley explains how she plans to put together an album to remember them by and Faye does her best to keep a lid on her emotions.

But Craig can see she’s deeply upset and tells Faye that if she wants to go with Jackson and Miley to Slough then she should do it.

With her case packed, Faye approaches the car having made her decision. As the car pulls away, Craig watches, heartbroken.

Later in the week, Craig calls at the factory with some work bits and bobs which Faye left behind. Feeling for him, Sally suggests he joins them at No.4 later as she’s doing a Mexican supper.

At No.4, Sally does her best to cheer up Tim and Craig and suggests they find a common hobby to take their minds off Faye.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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