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Felix and Finlay lose Karen's money in EastEnders

When they come clean, how will she react? And can they make things right?

As the Taylors prepare for Avery’s ‘Nine Night’, Felix and Finlay are sent off to do the shopping.

When he spots Kim, Felix gives her the lipstick they were discussing before. However, Felix panics when he realises the money for the shopping was in the bag with the lipstick and Kim has thrown the bag away!

As the brothers desperately search the bins for the bag, it’s too late.

Back at the Taylor’s, Mitch makes a toast to Avery and Felix and Finlay are forced to come clean to Karen, they lost her money.

The next day, recovering from the night before, the Taylors' focus turns to Mia who's upset that the family can't afford to take her to a theme park for her birthday. Feeling guilty for losing the money, Finlay comes up with an idea.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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