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Felix and Warren go into business together in Hollyoaks

But it’s a battle of the bad boys as they try to decide who’s really the boss?

Following recent revelations about Toby, Felix is concerned for Martine’s safety, while Celeste is worried that she can’t protect her brother anymore.

But as Felix and Warren go into business together at the garage, there’s a battle over who’s going to be the boss and Felix is annoyed when Warren puts up the sign for ‘Warren’s Wheels’.

As they both go head-to-head in a show of strength for creative control over the garage, Felix gets flashbacks to being abused when Warren locks him in a cupboard.

Concerned by Felix’s behaviour, Warren lets him out and Brody arrives as Felix punches Warren to floor. Together, Brody, Warren and Felix discuss their demons with Felix deciding to confront his issues head on, by getting revenge on Cormac.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Thursdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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