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Felix demands Price Slice back from Warren in Hollyoaks after discovering truth about the robbery

Can Warren stop Felix from going to the police? And as Fergus and Warren put their properties up for sale, will their plan succeed?

Despite Warren trying to deter Sienna away from her search to find Brody’s killer, she is determined, and it seems her sleuthing causes Warren to break down as Joel catches him losing it at the garage and offers him a shoulder to cry on.

Joel tells Warren that he can make up for things and that sometimes the truth is best left buried. But without knowing Warren’s latest wrongdoing, could he be giving the wrong advice?

When Sienna lets it slip to Warren that she has an eyewitness, he tucks a gun into the back of his waistband and it seems that he might do something about it. We soon discover the eyewitness to be Donna-Marie. As she meets up with Sienna at the café, she trades in lunch for the witness statement. But who will she say was driving the car?

After offering Tony the job of managing the pub, as well as a potential offer for his restaurant, Fergus and Warren agree to bring their dodgy job forward and are forced to last-minute plan their escape plan, by putting their properties up for sale. When Sami finds out, he’s not too happy about it.

Meanwhile, Maxine confides in Trish about still having feelings for Warren and Fergus offers some words of wisdom, accidentally pushing her right back into Warren’s arms!

After a talk with Maxine, Warren has a change of heart and of course, Fergus isn't happy, especially when Warren reminds him that he’s the top dog in Hollyoaks. But when Fergus finds Warren’s gun in the garage, he seems to have a plan.

The next day, following yesterday's shocking incident, Warren finds himself wrapped up in another crime but still plans on staying in Hollyoaks.

After some encouragement from Trish, Fergus gets the motivation he needs to convince Warren that he doesn’t want to stay in the village. But will his words convince him?

Later, Felix bumps into Maxine with all the gifts that Warren has bought her, but as she rushes off, she drops one of the earrings that Warren stole from Walter’s shop without realising and Felix picks it up.

Walking past, Pearl recognises the earring as belonging to Walter’s late wife, Gloria’s, so it doesn’t take long for him to put two and two together.

After Diane’s pep talk, Tony decides to accept Fergus’ offer on the restaurant and to manage The Dog and Fergus later has another big offer for Tony.

As the Devereauxs keep the news of Warren’s involvement away from Martine, Felix assures them that he’ll make him pay - giving Warren an ultimatum. To give Price Slice back, or he'll go to the police.

After leaving the garage, Felix talks to Joel about his false alibi for Warren, but Joel warns Felix that going to the police could lead to more people getting hurt. And later, Felix is shocked when Warren threatens to hurt his family if he tells the police about the Price Slice robbery.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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