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Felix determined to not let Grace admit defeat in Hollyoaks

But will his plan to take Fergus down, work?

With Grace ready to admit defeat and hand over her shares of The Loft to dodgy businessman Fergus, Felix has one last idea and gives Fergus and Warren a proposition.

In the hope of protecting Warren, Felix manages to convince Joel to spy on Warren and Fergus. And Grace is later horrified to discover a threatening picture in her son, Curtis’ school bag.

Desperate to protect his dad, Joel snoops through The Loft, but he’s blocked by the office door and gets caught by Warren. Making an excuse, he invites Warren and Fergus out for a beer.

Whilst out, Fergus expertly avoids answering Joel’s questions about his income. Seizing an opportunity, Joel steals keys off the table that unlock the office.

Still working together, Joel meets with Felix who warns him that Fergus’ eyes will be on him now and he gives him a plan to get closer.

Under a ruse, Joel asks Fergus to teach him about property.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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