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Felix discovers the truth about Martine’s cancer diagnosis in Hollyoaks

How will he react?

When Martine’s hair starts to fall out as a result of her chemotherapy, she confides in Misbah who recommends that she takes some time off.

However, Martine doesn't slow down and even rejects an offer of a spa night from Grace.

When Celeste tells Martine that she’s received an application for paralegal work, Martine takes things into her own hands and Celeste isn’t happy, to discover that she has been filling in the application on her behalf.

Biting the bullet, Celeste applies for the paralegal work and Martine helps her to prepare for her interview.

Later, Martine struggles to hide more of her chemotherapy side effects and stumbles through the village, as onlookers are under the impression she is drunk.

And Felix is heartbroken to discover that Martine has cancer

As she shops for an outfit for a night out, Martine is shaken when her hair falls out mid-try. Back at home, she cries over her loss of hair just as Felix shows up with a bunch of her favourite flowers.

In touching scenes, Martine confides in Felix who helps her to shave her head and they spend a heartfelt, platonic, night together whilst Grace waits for him at home.

After Felix spends the night at Martine’s, they agree to keep it between them, so he lies to Grace when she asks where he was all night. But will she find out the truth?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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