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Felix helps JJ to deal with Slade and his gang in Neighbours

But will their closeness scare Felix out of Erinsborough?


When the Rodwells find Felix in the spa with his girlfriend, Jools, Andrew takes umbrage at not being consulted about him entertaining a house guest. However, when Felix assures him that Jools is squeaky clean, he drops his reservations.

Later, Wendy gets Felix a job interview as a labourer at Eirini Rising. But with Felix feeling ovewhelmen by JJ's proximity, he hints to Jools that he plans to bolt once he's saved enough money, even if it means breaking parole.

Meanwhile, seeing Slade and his mates in the area, JJ is spooked and when he crosses paths with them, he's cornered and shoved. As he attempts the self-defence moves that Andrew taught him, Slade easily blocks them.

Just as JJ’s about to get pummelled, Felix scares the gang off, earning JJ’s admiration.

As Felix enjoys playing mentor to JJ, he shares with him his tactic to psyche out opponents, which contradicts Andrew’s teachings and suggests they give them a taste of their own medicine.

During another run-in with Slade, JJ draws on Felix’s advice and stands up to Slade and successfully psyches him out. Feeling buoyed as Slade flees, JJ thanks Felix, who grows uncomfortable with the praise and that JJ seems to be growing a fondness towards him.

Knowing he can’t stick around in Erinsborough forever, Felix makes a fateful decision.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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