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Felix makes a big decision in Hollyoaks as Pearl irritates Martine

And DeMarcus has doubts over his dad, Felix.

Putting on the waterworks, Pearl tells DeMarcus that she's homeless and he quickly offers her a bed at the Deveraux household. But it doesn’t take long before she gets under Martine’s feet.

And when Felix returns to the village, he faces the music as he bumps into his children, Toby and DeMarcus. But after Toby warns him not to hurt DeMarcus again, he makes a big decision.

Meanwhile, Martine is quickly getting fed up with Pearl, but Felix surprises her and finds her a perfect distraction, wedding planning.

However, Pearl overhears Martine’s complaints and confides in Scott as she admits she promised Walter to look after his family.

Standing up for Pearl, Scott offers her a place to stay and Pearl tells Martine that she knows she's not wanted. As Martine apologises for the way she's behaved, can all be forgiven?

Meanwhile, DeMarcus doesn’t think his dad has any time for him and opens up to Nate, telling him there’s more than meets the eye to Felix.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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