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Fergus confronted by victim of Operation Bluebird in Hollyoaks

And when incriminating messages are found, what does this mean for Fergus?

Warren finds himself in a difficult situation when his plan to take down Fergus backfires and he’s framed, but given his track record. Will anyone believe that he’s telling the truth?

Elsewhere, heartbroken Maxine is recovering from recent events. But how long can Fergus keep his sympathetic act up?

Verity gets the distressing news that her privacy has been violated due to operation bluebird, but she decides not to disclose her identity to the other victims.

When Verity tells her she doesn’t care about the merger, Celeste realises something is wrong so surprises her by planning to throw a girls breakfast.

At brunch, Celeste manages to get Theresa, Cleo and Verity to patch things up. However, it comes to an abrupt end when Verity storms off after the topic of Misbah and Ali is discussed.

Later, Verity calls DS Cohen and asks if she can speak to the other girls affected by operation bluebird.

She then tells fellow victims of operation bluebird that digital forensics have managed to restore some of the video files and encourages them to stamp on them as a form of ‘therapy’.

However, after one of the victims keeps the hard drive footage, Fergus is confronted by someone who has video evidence that suggests he’s lied. And later, incriminating messages are discovered, which could put Fergus back in the firing line.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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