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Fern's actions land Bernie in trouble with the police in Corrie

Can she convince the police, Dev and her family that she is telling the truth?

Rifling through Bernie’s record collection, Ryan is excited to find a white label promo disc and tells Bernie it could be quite valuable.

Meanwhile, masquerading as Bernie, Fern attends an interview with the high-end cleaning agency and they offer her a job there and then. When Fern arrives for her cleaning job at the jewellery shop, the owner assumes she's Bernie and leaves her to lock up when she’s finished.

Leaving Fern alone in the jewellers, Walter heads out for lunch and Fern - dressed top to toe in Bernie’s clothes - robs the shop blind and exits the back of the shop. After stripping off her Bernie outfit, Fern surveys her ill gotten gains with glee.

As Dev and Bernie head back to No.5, a police officer approaches and Bernie is stunned to be told that she’s arresting her on suspicion of theft. At the police station, the officer shows Bernie the CCTV footage of her robbing the jewellers and the penny drops as Bernie realises with horror that she’s been framed by Fern.

Sticking to her story, Bernie explains to the officer how Fern took a cleaning job in her name, stole her clothes and then robbed the jewellers. But can she convince the police, Dev and her family that she is telling the truth?

Soon, the officer tells Bernie that the number she gave them for Fern is out of service and they’re releasing her pending further inquiries.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV

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