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FIRST LOOK Adult Material

Channel 4 have released the first look trailer for their new 10pm drama Adult Material which follows porn performer Jolene Dollar, played by Hayley Squires.

WARNING: This trailer is only suitable for adults 18+ due to its strong language and scenes of an adult and sexual nature. The series will air in a 10pm slot.


Written and created by Lucy Kirkwood, the new four-part drama set in modern Britain, delves inside the porn industry from the perspective of Jolene Dollar, a regular mother of three who is proudly the breadwinner of the family. But Jolene doesn’t have the most conventional of careers, she is one of the top porn performers in the UK.

She's a woman who has been working in the industry her entire adult life and has seen it grow from an illegitimate backroom enterprise to a mainstream and highly profitable arm of the telecommunications industry.

Adult Material ventures into Jolene’s world, to a place that influences all of our lives, whether we know it or not, but none of us ever truly see.

One day on set, Jolene is introduced to Amy, played by Siena Kelly, who at 19 is not much older than Jolene’s oldest daughter, Phoebe, played by Alex Jarrett.

Jolene looks after Amy the way that she looks after every new girl on set, but she can’t protect Amy from her own choices and soon her relationship with this unstable young woman will see Jolene’s own career and home life start to unravel.

The series also stars Joe Dempsie as Jolene’s loving and dedicated long-term partner Rich, Julian Ovenden as US porn Kingpin Tom Pain, Phil Daniels as porn director Dave, Kerry Godliman as MP Stella Maitland and Rupert Everett as Jolene’s long-term friend, producer and businessman, Carroll Quinn.

Caroll has been in the business a long time, seeing the porn industry change to a multi-million-dollar proposition and is constantly trying to keep up with the times and technology.

Adult Material starts Monday 5th October at 10pm on Channel 4


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