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FIRST LOOK Benidorm (Series 10)

Benidorm returns to ITV on Wednesday 28th February at 9pm for an incredible tenth series. No mean feat for a comedy on television.

There are plenty of series regulars returning including Sherrie Hewson as Joyce Temple Savage, John Challis as Monty Staines, Jake Canuso as Mateo, Tony Maudsley as Kenneth, Janine Duvitski as Jacqueline, Shelley Longworth as Sam, Tim Healy as Les/Lesley, Adam Gillen as Liam.

Also returning are the Dawsons played by Julie Graham, Steve Edge, Kate Fitzgerald, Josh Bolt and the late Bobby Knutt, and this series Billy and Sheron celebrating their silver wedding anniversary.

Nathan Bryon returns as Joey and joining the cast this year are Laila Zaidi and Julian Moore-Cook. Laila will play Rob's new girlfriend Cyd and Julian plays Callum, Joey's mate.

Noreen (Elsie Kelly) and Pauline (Selina Griffiths) return, sadly without Johnny Vegas' character Geoff, and with Pauline back on the wagon, she hopes to revive her fledging career as a novelist. Things soon flare up with the arrival of Noreen’s twin sister Doreen (played by Elsie Kelly in a dual role) and her very familiar new boyfriend!

Joyce and Monty's wedding day arrives

At the end of the last series, Joyce accepted Monty's wedding proposal and Series 10 opens with Joyce & Monty’s big day.

Monty has kept their wedding venue a secret from Joyce and it's up to Mateo and Kenneth to make sure that she gets there on time.

As if the wedding venue wasn't enough of a surprise, Monty has only gone and booked Tony Hadley as their wedding entertainment! Benidorm has had many a guest star throughout the years but this might just be the best yet.

Oh and Mateo's Best Man speech might just be the greatest thing ever. Fact.

Dodgy Dave runs a raffle

And with Joyce away from the Solana and Sam left in charge of the Solana and is looking at ways to make some quick cash.

Which is where Dodgy Dave comes into it. Played by Michael Starke, best known for playing Sinbad in Brookside, Dodgy Dave runs a raffle in Neptunes, but with a name like that it's almost certain that this raffle won't be legit.

Stanley the dentist returns with a business proposal

Remember Stanley from Series 9? Well the local dentist, played by Nigel Havers, is back and this time around he's got a business proposal to make Blow & Go.

But with Jacqueline in charge whilst Kenneth attends the wedding, will she have the authority to agree a deal with him?

Guest Stars

As well as Tony Hadley, Michael Starke and Nigel Havers, there are plenty more guest stars to look out for this series.

These include Bobby Ball, Claire Sweeney, Layton Williams, Carol Decker, Holly Johnson and the Chuckle Brothers.. yes, THE Chuckle Brothers,

Plus Mark Heap who guest starred last series is back and Shane Richie, who played lively entertainer Sammy Valentino in Series 8, returns for four episodes.

Benidorm returns Wednesday 28th February at 9pm on ITV


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