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FIRST LOOK Hullraisers 2

3 first look images have been released ahead of the second series of Channel 4 comedy Hullraisers as Sam Swainsbury and Tom Bennett join the cast.

Hull-based comedy Hullraisers is returning soon for its second series. Written by Caroline Moran and Anne-Marie O’Connor, we are reunited with Toni, Rana and Paula, three native Hullians juggling kids, family, work, demanding friends and frustrating playground parents - all while trying to squeeze in a bit of mucking about.

This time, Toni and Craig, played by Atwal and Perry Fitzpatrick, are about to grow their family with baby number two on the way, despite Toni's denial.

Meanwhile, Paula, played by Sinead Matthews, and Dane, played by Yanick Ghanty, are coming to terms with Ashley, played by Natalie Davies, growing up and moving out. And Rana has her eyes opened by her mum, Nima, played by Shobna Gulati, revealing the secret to hitting your absolute peak during your menopause years.

Joining this series are Tom Bennett and Sam Swainsbury. Tom will play John Fox, the new love interest for Craig’s mum Gloria, played by Felicity Montagu. The pair could not be more perfectly suited despite the 15-year age gap but how will Craig deal with this new father figure in his life?

Sam meanwhile takes on the role of Pickles, Rana’s new police partner. The pair are chalk and cheese in a standard-issue police car, but will these two opposites eventually attract?

The new series, produced by Fable Pictures, will be directed by Ian Fitzgibbon and is based on the Israeli hit show Little Mom and was originally adapted for the UK by Lucy Beaumont.

Speaking ahead of the new series, executive producers Hannah Farrell and Faye Ward said "We are so thrilled to be bringing back Hullraisers with Channel 4, adding some new exciting faces to our brilliant core cast. Alongside our award nominated trio of Leah Brotherhead, Sinead Matthews, and Taj Atwal, we welcome Tom Bennett and Sam Swainsbury, playing two brilliant new characters. We can’t wait for audiences to join us for another series of outrageous laughs and Hullian mayhem."

Hullraisers returns soon on Channel 4


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