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FIRST LOOK I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! 2018

It's that time of year again, when ten celebrities leave behind a life of luxury for up to three weeks in the jungle.

A brand new cast of celebrities are heading down under to battle it out in TV’s toughest entertainment challenge which this year is being hosted by Holly Willoughby and Declan Donnelly as Dec's regular co-host Ant McPartlin continues to spend time out of the limelight.

Leaving their plush pads and luxuries far behind, the celebrity campers will spend up to three weeks taking on the harsh surroundings of the Australian Jungle, with a whole host of brand new nasty surprises created just for them.

And don't forget that every night on ITV2, Scarlett Moffatt, Joel Dommett and Joe Swash will be on hand with I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp.

They’ll get all the latest behind the scenes gossip with unseen clips, exclusive interviews and the insiders guide to the dreaded Bushtucker Trials. And viewers will be invited to join the lively debates via social media and the app as well as putting their questions directly to the campmates live in the studio once they’ve left the Jungle.

The first celebrities joining them in the studio are Megan McKenna and Andi Peters.

Here are the ten celebrities entering the jungle this year along with some quotes...

Anne Hegerty

The Governess from The Chase

“I do respond well to structure. I think it will be quite structured in there. I will understand ‘at this time I have to fetch wood and water’ - doing that will make sense. But being surrounded by people I can’t get away from or those who talk all the time can be a source of stress.

The champion quizmaster also readily admits she is not the type you would find outdoors. “I was theworld’s worst Brownie and Girl Guide and I never did camping. I am pretty sedentary and I spend most of my time sitting on my bum reading things on the Internet! It will do me good to have to exercise a little bit more.

I think I have put on weight over the past year and I am not going in for that (to lose weight). I have always refused to do sugar free diets but this is part of the deal and so let’s go for it.

I am going to miss the peace and quiet and I am going to be way out of The Governess’ comfort zone in all of this. I will come across a lot more nervous than I do on the show. It will be interesting for people to see me as Anne.

When I got offered the job on The Chase, I never thought it might lead to this! It’s amazing! To win would be brilliant."

Emily Atack

Comedy Actor

"I am at an age where I want to flip things on the head and do something mad and exciting. And this is definitely very exciting! I couldn’t say no. I don’t have any real phobias but I don’t like creepy crawlies just like everyone else.

I am single at the moment. And never say never (to finding a romance in the camp). We are in a situation where we are all not going to smell our best, nor look our best and I can’t really imagine it happening but hey, who knows?! It’s a bit of fun!

All I ever want to do is have fun and a laugh. I would like to hope people will come to me if they are having a bad day in the camp. I am a very supportive person and that’s the role I hope to play in there.

I am actually looking forward, though, to not having a phone for a bit. We are all too addicted to our phones. But I am going to miss food and my family."

Fleur East


"Every time I think about it, I get butterflies in my stomach,” says the 31-year-old. “I have been in denial that I am going in. I have never done anything like this before and neither have I ever camped or slept outside.

It’s that not knowing what you are going to have to face that I am dreading the most. I am scared of everything you have in there and I am scared of all the trials! Any trial you face there you haven’t faced in real life. I can’t imagine what it will be like.

At least you have an element of control with the singing and dancing. With this, there is no control and it is completely outside my comfort zone.

I am not an argumentative person and I don’t like confrontation but I am quite sensitive, whether that is tears of joy, frustration or missing people. I do think I will cry in the Jungle, yes. And if I haven’t had much sleep, I do become delirious! I become a little bit crazy and make stupid jokes!"

Harry Redknapp

Football Manager

“There’s nothing tougher than being a manager of a football team when things aren’t going well. When the results are bad, believe you me being a manager is a very tough, lonely occupation. You feel responsible however many people support your team every week. The buck stops with you.

You haven’t got many friends when it’s not going well as a football manager. So no I don’t think doing this will be tougher. But to be honest, I have not actually watched the programme! I watch sport all day and all night when I’m at home and we are out three to four nights a week.

My wife thinks I am mad. She has seen the show and she has told me I should watch it before I do it. My son, Jamie, thinks I am definitely not the full shilling! And Mark is like ‘are you sure you want to do this dad?!’ But it will be good fun.”

James McVey


"It's only just starting to sink in. But this is a dream come true for me. It’s probably the only show I have watched throughout my life so I am really excited to be part of it!

I want to do something that puts me outside of my comfort zone. I am so much more nervous about this than I would be going on stage to perform a gig.

I’m lucky when I’m on stage as there are four of us and I can ride off them and share any stresses I might have. Everyone I spend time with in my life is music related so I’m most looking forward to meeting people outside of that. It’s going to be fun.

I am not very good with boredom. I’m not going to know what really scares me until I am there as I have never been in a tank with a snake!

It’s also going to be weird leaving the country and then not knowing about anything that is happening in the world. I’ve wanted to do this for years and now I am.

I would like people to see me as a nice and considerate person. Even though we do loads of interviews, you don’t really get to see much of someone’s genuine personality. By watching someone around the clock, it will come out a bit more of who I am.”

John Barrowman MBE

Actor & Entertainer

"My fans will freak out, I think they will be surprised but I have known for quite a while and I am both excited and nervous now. I like a challenge, I like a competition and I might make some new friends out of it. To be blunt, it will also be nice to have some ‘me’ time!

Nobody will be able to get in touch, text or email. I know it’s a game and I am not going in to be a misery. And I would be over the moon if I won. I would be the King or Queen of the Jungle.

Filming Torchwood, there was a scene where we filmed in a coffin. They put me in a coffin in a drawer and I couldn’t do it. It was see through and so I could see space but I couldn’t do it. I had a panic. That might be the challenge that is most fearful for me. But realistically, you know they are not going to do anything that hurts you.

And OMG I want to do the trials for sure. I want people to vote for me. I want to keep myself busy.

If I see someone being rude, I will stand up for myself. I have never isolated myself before. If I see a commercial and it’s sad, I will cry but I am pretty strong and I tend to be a person who people gravitate to.”

Malique Thompson-Dwyer

Hollyoaks Actor

"Everything is starting to seem real now and I can’t wait. When they asked me if I would like to go on I’m A Celebrity, it did take me by surprise. I am a huge fan of the programme and I didn’t expect at the beginning of this year to be asked! It’s going to be brilliant.

I have been quite full on with filming on Hollyoaks recently so it’s going to be nice to have a little break – but obviously a very different kind of break! I am taking some time out to do this but when I have finished, I will be back. It’s nice to go on I’m A Celebrity as me rather than as my character, Prince.

I am single and I’m not looking for it (love in the Jungle) but if it happens, it happens.

Everyone has phobias and I am terrified of some of the things on the programme. For me eating testicles is going to be the worse. I am quite picky with my food so that’s going to be hard! Everything in there is going to be a challenge but I definitely want to do lots of trials."

Nick Knowles

TV Presenter

“I think finding out more about people in areas I don’t work in will be really interesting.

I’d like to think I will do well under pressure but we will find out. I don’t have any phobias. Anything I have been nervous about in the past, I have gone out and done it, as I don’t like being frightened of things. I am used to physical things and I would sleep on a snooker table if I needed to so that (being in the Jungle) shouldn’t hold too many problems for me.

There will be no book to read but I am hoping everyone will be like a book to read and learn! I would say the toughest thing is actually going to be separated from my family. My family are surprised that I took this on as I don’t do much in reality TV but they all think I will do reasonably well.

I hope I make my family proud whilst I am in there.”

Rita Simons

Former EastEnders Actor

"I am excited about going in the Jungle. I know quite a lot of people who have done it including Larry Lamb. Larry is like my Dad and he is always advising me. He said he couldn’t advise me more to do it as he had the best time ever.

Boredom is going to be another challenge. I do burst into tears for no reason if I haven’t slept well too. But being in such a different environment is something I am really looking forward to. I like the challenge of trying to survive.

My kids would be gutted if I didn’t do it. And my husband thinks I should get on and do it like I do with everything in life. But it’s going to be so weird not being able to talk to them. I have just done a year’s touring (with Legally Blonde) but at least then I could chat or FaceTime whenever I wanted. I am going to miss them so much.

We’ve had to keep coming into the Jungle a secret and so no, I haven’t told my Uncle yet (Lord Sugar). But I bet you he will watch it!

I do think I am an easy person to live with. But I do have really horrendous snoring, it’s not fun for other people!"

Sair Khan

Corrie Actor

"My gut feeling was telling me ‘yes’ straight away when they approached me. And now I’m about to go on I’m A Celebrity, I still can’t believe it! I do think I am still numb and I probably won’t believe it is happening until I walk into camp.

The weirdest thing for me is going in as myself. My character is so different to me. She is serious, stern and she can be uptight. I am the opposite! I am such a goof, I am always laughing, being cheeky and I don’t take myself too seriously. I guess people haven’t seen me and I want them to like me! If they don’t like her, that’s fine as it is a character but if they don’t like me, then that will be hard to take.

I don’t want to be locked in a coffin in the dark or be in those water rising trials but I will definitely give it a go. It will be running out of time that is an issue for me rather than effort.

I am not a very big personality and I am happy to sit back. But I don’t like bullies and I won’t stand for it. If I snap, then they will face my wrath!”

I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! returns Sunday at 9pm on ITV


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