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FIRST LOOK Litvinenko

ITVX has released the first image of David Tennant as Alexander Litvinenko from new four-part drama Litvinenko which launches Thursday 15th December.

Written by George Kay, produced by Patrick Spence and directed by Jim Field Smith, Litvinenko tells the story of the determined Scotland Yard Officers who worked for ten years to prove who was responsible.

It stars David Tennant as Alexander Litvinenko, the former Russian Federal Security Services and KGB officer whose death from polonium poisoning in November 2006 triggered one of the most complex and dangerous investigations in the history of the Metropolitan Police.

The drama also focuses upon the story of Marina, played by Margarita Levieva, Alexander’s fearless, dignified widow who fought tirelessly to persuade the British Government to publicly name her husband’s killers and acknowledge the role of the Russian State in his murder.

ITV has made it clear that Litvinenko is produced with the support of many of the key individuals involved in the investigation and subsequent public enquiry including former Scotland Yard officers, Clive Timmons and Brent Hyatt, along with Ben Emmerson QC and Alexander’s family.

Starring alongside Tennant and Levieva are Mark Bonnar as Clive Timmons and Neil Maskell as Brent Hyatt.

The drama will relate how in November 2006 two police officers were called to University College Hospital in London to interview a patient in declining health. The Patient was Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian dissident who claimed to have been poisoned on the direct orders of Vladimir Putin.

During the police interviews, Alexander provided meticulous details from his hospital bedside about the events leading up to his illness. His information would ultimately help detectives track down two Russians who had poisoned Litvinenko with Polonium 210, a highly toxic radioactive substance.

The iconic photograph taken of Litvinenko at his bedside generated international headlines, and after he was pronounced dead on November 23, Scotland Yard launched its murder investigation.

Litvinenko launches Thursday 15th December on ITVX and at a later date on ITV


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