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Channel 4's anthology series returns later this year with three brand new one-off dramas which look at the lives of three diverse characters trying to find their place in the world.

On The Edge will once again champion fresh new talent, who'll star alongside actors including Amanda Redman, Michael Socha and Catherine Steadman and each of the three 30-minute dramas have been written and directed by the most exciting new talent in the UK.

This year, the films focus on three unusual love stories depicting characters and worlds not often seen on British TV. With humour, truthfulness and warmth, the anthology asks: how do we navigate today’s complicated world? How do we share our inner challenges with the ones we love? And how do we form connections despite, or perhaps because of, our differences?

On The Edge is developed though the 4Stories initiative, the channel’s commitment to finding brand new diverse talent and today the channel have released plot details for each of the three films as well as some first look pics and full cast details.


Adulting is written by Chinonyerem Odimba, directed by Ash Morris and is a moving story about a neuro-diverse girl and a lost boy. Candice, payed by India Eva Rae is a young vulnerable woman who desperately wants some independence and has moved into her own flat. Kems, played by Jack Rowan is a young man, down on his luck, sleeping on his mate Olly’s (Michael Socha) sofa to get away from his alcoholic dad.

A chance meeting between the two leads to an intimate friendship, but when Olly calls in a favour, Kems feels under pressure to take advantage of Candice. Have they all underestimated her?

For You

For You is written by J C Servante and directed by Stroma Cairns and is a funny and heartbreaking story about mental health. Rev, played by Rudi Dharmalingam, and girlfriend Alex, played by Catherine Steadman, are passionately in love but Rev suffers from anxiety and depression which he tries to control with therapy, medication and mindfulness.

Things come to a head at Alex’s sister’s wedding weekend when Rev is confronted by her family’s prejudice. Will the pressure be too much to bear? Can Rev and Alex’s relationship survive? And will he ever be able to master a golf swing in front of his father in law? Also stars Amanda Redman as Alex’s mother.


BBW is written by Yolanda Mercy and directed by William Stefan Smith and is a funny, vibrant and heartwarming coming of age tale about a young plus-size British Nigerian woman trying to find her voice.

Everyone in Remi’s (Juliet Okotie) life thinks they know what she should do. Her father played by Jude Akuwudike, wants her forgiveness, her mother played by Andi Osho, wants her to grow up and get a job, her friends, played by Paisley Billings and Jamael Westman, think she’s too trusting of her new man. Remi just wants her life to begin but will she ever be able to take control?

On The Edge will air later this year on Channel 4


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