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Channel 4 have released the trailer for Pure, a new drama about getting to know your mind and your mates.

The new six-part series centres around 24 year-old Marnie played by newcomer Charly Clive who has "bad" thoughts all the time and can't tell anyone.

Her mind is XXX-rated and intrusive thoughts are piling up inside her head. It turns out she’s actually caught in the grip of an excruciating type of obsessive compulsive disorder nicknames 'pure O' which sees her obsessions take the form of intrusive thoughts, often sexual. The compulsions are unseen mental rituals that deeply affect her daily life.

Only, Marnie doesn’t know this yet. All she knows is that something has got to give.

On the day of her parents’ 25th wedding anniversary in the Scottish Borders, things reach a peak and result in THE most shocking intrusive thoughts ever! At breaking point, she packs a bag and, with no plan, jumps on a coach to London. But in the capital, Marnie soon discovers she’s not the only one who’s lost…

She finds a gang of new friends, all with their own foibles and moves in with Shereen, an old school friend played by Kiran Sonia Sawar (Murdered By My Father).

Joe Cole (Peaky Blinders) plays Charlie, who's in recovery, having torpedoed his love and work life, due to his porn addiction. He’s now single, stuck with an old-school flip-phone and attending weekly Sex Addicts Anonymous meets.

Then there's Amber, played by Niamh Algar (The Bisexual) a journalist and ladies-woman who is Queen among Marnie’s new gang and has been gaining a problematic rep for her promiscuity. And Marnie has a "Will they won't they?" frienship with Amber's housemate Joe, played by Anthony Welsh (Black Mirror).

Written by Kirstie Swain, Pure is her first original series and is based on Rose Cartwright’s acclaimed memoir about growing up and discovering she has Pure O.

Other members of the cast include Arabella Weir, Doon Mackichan Ewan Stewart, Olive Gray, Tori Allen-Martin, Jing Lusi and Jacob Collins-Levy.

Pure starts Wednesday 30th January at 10pm on Channel 4


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