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FIRST LOOK Ridley Road

Today the BBC have released the first trailer for their new four-part drama, Ridley Road which explores the rise of fascism in 1960s London.

Written by Sarah Solemani, Ridley Road is an adaptation of Jo Bloom's critically acclaimed novel starring Rory Kinnear, Tamzin Outhwaite, Tracy-Ann Oberman, Eddie Marsan, Samantha Spiro, Rita Tushingham, Danny Hatchard, Tom Varey and television newcomer Aggi O’Casey.

Ridley Road is a thriller set against the backdrop of a swinging sixties London we haven’t seen, an East End world where far-right fascism is on the rise.

When Vivien Epstein, a young Jewish woman falls in love with a member of the '62 group' she follows her lover into danger, rejecting her comfortable middle-class life in Manchester to join the fight against fascism in London, risking everything for her beliefs and for the man she loves.

Inspired by the struggle of the ‘62 Group’, a coalition of Jewish men who stood up against rising neo-Nazism in post-war Britain, Ridley Road sees Vivien caught between life and death. As she starts to work with them, she realises that her missing boyfriend Jack has been badly injured.

Vivien infiltrates the NSM, a neo-Nazi movement that is becoming increasingly prominent in London. As she descends further into the fascist organisation her courage and loyalties are challenged.

For her first television role, Aggi O’Casey will play Vivien Epstein, Tom Varey plays her missing boyfriend Jack Morris and Samantha Spiro plays Vivien's mother Liza Epstein, whose life dramatically changes when she learns of her husband’s secret involvement with the underground movement.

Tamzin Outhwaite plays Barbara Watson, the owner of a hair salon where Vivien gets a job. She has witnessed racism first-hand towards her mixed-race son.

And Rita Tushingham plays Nettie Jones, Vivien’s landlady in London. Although self-sufficient, she is lonely after her three sons were killed in WW11 and is afraid of the pace of the changes happening around her.

Rory Kinnear plays Colin Jordan, leader of neo-Nazi movement, NSM. An imposing and forthright activist who through his fanatical and passionate speeches incites racism and rioting.

Joining Rory to play Colin's driver Lee is Danny Hatchard. The NSM is family to him and even though the feeling isn’t mutual, he is loyal to Colin.

Eddie Marsan plays Soly Malinovsky, a hot-headed, sharp-witted cab driver who is the leader of anti-fascist organisation '62 Group' and Tracy-Ann Oberman plays Soly's wife Nancy, a smooth operator who plays a crucial role in the '62 Group' operations.

Ridley Road starts Sunday 3rd October at 9pm on BBC One with all episodes available at launch


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