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FIRST LOOK Sherlock - The Final Problem

After Sunday night’s incredible episode of Sherlock which silenced the critics who had described Sherlock as “losing the plot” and “slowly and perversely morphing into Bond" all eyes are on Sunday’s series finale, entitled The Final Problem.

As expected, the BBC are keeping tight-lipped about what actually happens in the episode. We’ve been promised that long buried secrets will finally catch up with the Baker Street duo and now that we know Sherlock has an evil sister, Eurus, who revealed her true identity at the end of The Lying Detective, we can be pretty certain that she’ll play a big part in the final episode.

She's been playing a very long game indeed and Sherlock and John Watson face their greatest ever challenge. But will it be the final ever episode of Sherlock? Is the game finally over?

That remains to be seen of course, but with a series like Sherlock and a title like The Final Problem, anything is possible.

Here’s a first look at some images from Sunday night’s episode:

And here’s the rather explosive series finale trailer:

Sherlock concludes Sunday at 9pm on BBC One

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