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FIRST LOOK Shipwrecked 2019

It was the series that brought us Jeff Brazier, Stephen Bear and Sarah-Jane Crawford and now seven years since it was last on air, Shipwrecked is returning to our screens for a brand new series.

Voiced by Vick Hope, the new series will air every weeknight on E4 for three weeks. Set on two remote islands, two rival tribes, the Tigers and the Sharks will battle against each other in the ultimate popularity contest in paradise.

In each episode new arrivals land ashore where they’ll spend a day and night with each tribe. Both the Tigers and Sharks will do whatever it takes to win the new arrivals over in a bid to prove that they are the better island.

At the end of each episode the new arrivals must decide which tribe they want to join...but in Shipwrecked, anything can happen.

Sometimes the New Arrivals will have to duel against each other to stay, the tribes will also compete to win crucial advantages, and the rules of the game can change at any time. In this fierce contest to be the most popular, friendships are formed, romances blossom, and relationships are tested to their limits.

At the end of this incredible adventure the biggest tribe will win the huge cash prize of £50,000...but can they all trust each other when it really matters?

But who exactly is taking part? Well, it's time to meet the starting nine castaways... which tribe they end up in will be revealed in the launch episode.

Chris, 24

CEO of Strawberries and Creem Events, London

Describing himself as "Caring, understanding and fun" Chris referred to his Shipwrecked experience as "savage".

Talking about his first 24 hours on the island, he said: "The first 24 hours were surreal. I remember meeting Tom, Kalia and Kush and the first day didn’t seem real with all the cameras and people around. I was like dreamland for the first 24 hours until I came to my senses!"

Teasing the possibility of a romance on the island, Chris said "I wasn’t looking for a relationship because I had almost given up on the idea. But I hit it off with one guy. We are still seeing each other. We are not officially together but as we were together every day out there, it was intense!"

Emma, 21

Publishing and English Graduate, Rutland

Describing herself as "Opinionated, unapologetic, funny" Emma referred to her Shipwrecked experience as "emotional".

Talking about her first 24 hours on the island, she said "It feels like such a blur now. I remember everyone was so friendly and it reminded me of my first day at school. Everyone was slightly terrified but really nice to each other.

I remember sleeping next to Tom and he had this really over the top mosquito net! He was snoring so loudly and I kept kicking him. I wanted to start as we meant to go on."

When asked about the Shipwrecked diet, she said "Oh my god I put on weight 100 per cent! But I didn’t care! I kept eating. It was something to do and we were hungry the whole time. As soon as we got more food in, it was absolute carnage!"

Harry, 26

Model, London and the world

Describing himself as "Enigmatic, fun and ruthless" Harry referred to his Shipwrecked experience as "unbelievable".

Talking about his biggest claim to fame, he said "I wouldn’t say modelling is a claim to fame but I have had a pretty successful career for the last ten years, mixing in the right fame circles. Modelling has its ups and downs and I am dealing with the cards I was dealt with."

When asked what the hardest thing about being on Shipwrecked was, he said "Nothing. I would go back in a heartbeat. Waking up to the sun every day and the sunset - I would happily live there. I made some good friends there."

Hollie, 24

Social Media Influencer, Bromley

Describing herself as "Caring, kind and outgoing" Hollie referred to her Shipwrecked experience as "incredible".

Talking about first arriving on the island, Hollie said "I wasn’t nervous on the first night. But I was quite reserved as I found it overwhelming. You are in a different environment. What was nice is that everyone bonded so quickly. As we were all in the same position, we all felt exactly the same. Everyone made friends quickly."

When asked about her best moment, she said "It’s so hard to pick moments. I loved it at the end of the day when we sat on the rocks and watched the sunset whilst talking about how we felt. We talked about our home and family. Those moments stuck out because we all really bonded together."

Kalia, 20

Model/Works in a Chinese Takeaway, Bedfordshire

Describing herself as "Stubborn, honest, dry humour" Kalia referred to her Shipwrecked experience as "life changing".

Talking about her first night on the island, she said "It was really crazy! I thought we would have a few days to settle in but new members arrived the next day and that was overwhelming. I don’t like a lot of people and a strict schedule."

When asked about who she bonded with, she said "I remember T arriving. She had this strong Chelsea accent and she said ‘oh the toilets are disgusting, I need canapés’. But later on, we were doing make up together and I got to know her. We had so many common interests in the end."

Kush, 26

Recruitment Manager, London

Describing himself as "Eclectic, outgoing and energising" Kush referred to his Shipwrecked experience as "divine".

Talking about his first 24 hours on the island, he said: "It was so surreal and instantly, I bonded with people. I can still remember waking up to that view and it’s amazing how it becomes your home after just 24 hours.

I also became one of those people I hated (watching) on reality TV! You do, become so close so quickly and everything gets heightened. It is all you focus on. The smallest of things become big deals. I found myself getting worked up over things that I didn’t need to be."

When asked about who he bonded with most on the island, he said "Tom and Emma. We became best friends. I love Tom to bits. He is like a brother. Chris was the other gay guy and we had mutual interests. He was such a kind-hearted boy. And Hollie."

Liv, 19

Waitress, Manchester

Describing herself as "Kind hearted, attitude problem and funny" Liv referred to her Shipwrecked experience as "mad".

Talking about when she first arrived on the island, she said "When I first got to the island I found it so surreal. It was like something out of a film or movie. The first night was my favourite night when we sat in the camp. It was then I realised I was actually on Shipwrecked!"

When asked about what she missed most, she said "I think more than anything I missed my friends. I call my friends if I trip over a kerb, I call my friends if I see a fit boy and I call my friends if literally anything happens! I had to confide in people there."

Tom, 20

Student, Devon

Describing himself as "Stubborn, honest and loyal" Tom referred to his Shipwrecked experience as "interesting".

Talking about why he wanted to take part, he said: "I needed a bit of a getaway and it sounded good fun. I thought it would be a nice experience. I was a little taken aback when I got picked. I thought it was a bit of a hoax at first and then I saw the ticket to the Cook Islands and I thought ‘I don’t care if it is a hoax I am still going!"

When asked about who he bonded with most on the island, he said "Kush. Stereotypically we wouldn’t be paired up as friends because I am this old school Devon guy with old values and he is a new half Indian guy from London who is into fashion. We are opposite sides of the world but he was absolutely brilliant."

Big T (Tula), 26

Part-time Wig Maker, London

Describing herself as "Caring, entertaining, competitive" Big T referred to her Shipwrecked experience as "life changing".

Talking about her first night on the island, she said "I had a massive fight with Liv and it was awful, I hated my first night. I thought ‘OMG is this what it is going to be like?. Liv didn’t like me from the word go. She heard my Chelsea accent and she thought ‘right I don’t like her’. I never normally argue and so it was a shock to the system."

When asked about what she missed most whilst on the island, she said "Bread. I really missed a good old sarnie. I didn’t miss home because I was in paradise and in the most beautiful place on earth. I love city living but nothing can compare to that.

I didn’t miss social media. I really appreciated getting to know people without looking at your phone every five minutes."

Shipwrecked returns Monday 28th January at 9pm on E4


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