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FIRST LOOK The Keith & Paddy Picture Show, Jurassic Park

As the latest series of The Keith & Paddy Picture Show comes to an end, Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness will this week be recreating Jurassic Park in half an hour with the help of an all-star cast.

Keith Lemon will be taking on the iconic role of John Hammond, played of course by Sir Richard Attenborough, whilst Paddy McGuinness will take on the role Sam Neill played, Dr Alan Grant.

As well as playing Hammond, Keith will also be playing Tim Murphy, originally played by Joseph Mazzello and he'll be joined by Sian Gibson from Car Share who will play his sister Lex Murphy. Originally played by Ariana Richards.

Also starring will be Sally Phillips, George Potts, Shaun Ryder and Bernie Clifton and if you can't wait until there, he's a look at the trailer for the series finale.

But it's only goodbye for now, as Keith and Paddy will be back towards the end of the year with a Christmas special which will see them parody Gremlins.

The Keith & Paddy Picture Show airs Saturday 19th May at 9:20pm on ITV


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