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FIRST LOOK The Keith & Paddy Picture Show, Terminator 2

After a week away, The Keith & Paddy Picture Show continues this week with Terminator 2.

The original movie contains some of the most expensive special effects and most outrageous stunts of all time.

Most normal people would be intimidated by the task of recreating it. Fortunately, Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness are not normal people. Look out for spectacularly botched stunts, homemade special effects and some of the biggest guns ever seen on screen. Jaime Winstone also puts in a very convincing performance as the teenage hero of the movie, John Connor.

Unfortunately for her, she is so good at playing a teenage boy that Keith and Paddy soon forget she is a grown woman and begin treating her like an adolescent boy. They have also found someone perfect to play the T-1000 robot - the multi-platinum-selling pop sensation Rick Astley.

Here’s a first look at the episode...

The Keith & Paddy Picture Show continues Saturday 12th May at 9:20pm on ITV

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