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FIRST LOOK The Morning Show, Season 2

Today, Apple TV+ have released a first look dramatic teaser for season two of The Morning Show, which returns 17th September.

Executive produced by and starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, the broadly acclaimed drama that unveils the power dynamics in the workplace between women and men, and women and women, returns Friday 17th September with 10 episodes, released one a week.

Season two picks up after the explosive events of season one as the team emerge from the wreckage of Alex and Bradley's actions to a new UBA and a world in flux, where identity is everything and the chasm between who we present as and who we really are comes into play

Along with Aniston and Witherspoon, the star-studded returning cast includes Steve Carell, Billy Crudup, Mark Duplass, Nestor Carbonell, Karen Pittman, Bel Powley, Desean Terry, Janina Gavankar, Tom Irwin and Marcia Gay Harden.

Joining the cast for season two, are Greta Lee as tech world wunderkind Stella Bak, who has joined the UBA executive team, Ruairi O’Connor as smart and charismatic YouTube star, Ty Fitzgerald, Hasan Minhaj as new member of The Morning Show team, Eric Nomani, Holland Taylor as savvy chairwoman of the UBA board, Cybil Richards, Tara Karsian as news producer, Gayle Berman, Valeria Golino as documentary filmmaker, Paola Lambruschini and Julianna Margulies as UBA news anchor, Laura Peterson.

The Morning Show returns Friday 17th September on Apple TV+


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