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FIRST LOOK The Tourist

Today, the BBC have released three first look photos of Jamie Dornan in new BBC One thriller The Tourist.

This new six-part character-driven, mystery-packed thriller by Harry and Jack Williams also stars Danielle Macdonald, Shalom Brune-Franklin and Hugo Weaving and charts one man’s search for his identity.

Jamie Dornan plays a British man who finds himself in the glowing red heart of the Australian outback, being pursued by a vast tank truck trying to drive him off the road.

An epic cat and mouse chase unfolds and the man later wakes in hospital, hurt, but somehow alive. Except he has no idea who he is. With merciless figures from his past pursuing him, The Man’s search for answers propels him through the vast and unforgiving outback.

The Tourist promises to be full of shocking, surprising, funny and brutal turns and is set in a world populated by quirky, enigmatic characters and off-beat black comedy punctuates high-stakes action.

At its heart however, is a story of self-discovery with a ticking timebomb underneath: as The Man starts to uncover the mystery of who he was, he’s also forced to ask who he is now and fast. Will he unlock the secrets of his identify before those who are trying to kill him catch up with him?

Other cast members include; Danielle Macdonald who plays Helen Chambers, a fledgling Probationary Constable, Shalom Brune-Franklin who plays Luci, a waitress who’s swept into The Man’s journey for answers and Hugo Weaving who plays Agent Lachlan Rogers, one of the most highly regarded detective inspectors in Australia, leading Major Crime for the state police.

Produced by Two Brothers Pictures in association with Highview Productions, All3Media International and the South Australian Film Corporation and was commissioned last year by BBC One in association with Stan, the Australian co-commissioning partner, HBO MAX is also confirmed as the US broadcaster and ZDF as the German broadcaster.

Harry and Jack Williams will serve as executive producers for Two Brothers Pictures alongside Christopher Aird and Andrew Benson and for the BBC, Tommy Bulfin. Produced by Lisa Scott, the series will be executive produced and directed by Chris Sweeney.

The Tourist will air later this year on BBC One

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