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FIRST LOOK The Traitors

Can you spot the Traitors from the Faithfuls? It's time to meet the 22 new players...

It was THE breakout reality TV hit of 2022 and now The Traitors is returning for its highly anticipated second series as Claudia Winkleman greets 22 strangers to a beautiful castle in the Scottish Highlands to play the ultimate game of detection, backstabbing and trust, in the hope of winning up to £120,000.  


But hidden amongst them are the Traitors whose job is to secretly murder a player every night, without getting caught. 


It’s up to the others, the Faithfuls, to try to detect who the traitors are, and banish them from the game, before they become their next victim.  


For the lucky ones who survive to the end, they have the chance of winning that life-changing cash. But if a Traitor remains undetected, they’ll steal all the money.  

It's time to meet the players...


45, Insurance Broker from Talbot Green

On applying for The Traitors...

I loved last year’s show, I was really immersed in it and just loved the format. I like the game play and thought I could be good at it. Over the last couple of years, I've been going through a personal growth journey where I've been trying to learn a lot about myself - I've grown a lot. I want to step out of my comfort zone.

I've been a Steady Eddy all my life I suppose, never taking any risks or challenges. You only have one life, and I know that more than anyone because I suffered a serious accident many years ago. Your life is short, and it can get taken away at any moment. I live my life as best I can and take as many opportunities as possible that come my way.

I never thought I'd get on the show in a million years. I'd like to inspire thousands of people out there who've maybe had a traumatic experience or suffered with their mental health. I want to inspire people and give them hope. To tell them that if you keep fighting and believing you will get to your dreams.

On the possibility of being a Traitor....

I'll be fine. I think I'd be good at both roles. As a Traitor you have to take the emotion out of the situation and allow yourself not to get too close to people. I’ve got a motivating factor, a drive and that’s my family and to make a better life for them and myself, that's what I'll always come back to.

We’re only there to play a game at the end of the day, we're not there to make friends. Even though we will make some lifelong friends, at the end of the day we're all in there to win money. I'm good at switching off my emotions which is good for a Traitor, in the back of my mind I'll always be thinking about what’s driving me and my motivation. Also, I don't crack under pressure, and I don't give anything away.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

I'll just get close. I'm very good at getting people to open up to me. For many, many years I've had lots of people tell me things, secrets that they haven't told their family, friends or parents.

People say that I make them feel comfortable, so they open up to me. In every job I've ever had, in the bank, in the insurance world, I’m like the agony aunt. I always give everybody exactly the same respect, I treat everybody exactly the same way whether they've got a million pounds or nothing at all.

So, I'll get close to people and I think I’ll form relationships, get talking to people, ask lots of probing open questions. I’ll be very good at watching and reading people, just looking for little mistakes that they might make and finding out who the Traitors are.


45, Chess Coach from Birmingham

On applying for The Traitors...

When I saw the show, I thought to myself – this has me written all over it! It’s like a real life, live game of chess. That's what it is. Instantly, I was intrigued by that, and I just felt it was for me. I've never applied for a game show or anything before but this format, is 100% me.

On how they'd feel if they were a Traitor....

If I get a tap on the shoulder, then a big smile will appear from ear to ear, definitely. I will then need to control my breathing and remember that I need to control things from now on!

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

If I'm a Faithful, then the plan changes. Again, if I liken it to a game of chess, the Traitors make the first move and have the upper hand. As long as they survive the Round Table then they get to influence the game.

As a Faithful, it’s going to be really tough in the beginning because you’ve got to navigate who the other Faithfuls are and also not become a danger to the Traitors, trying to identify them but not becoming a major threat.

As the game goes on and the numbers get lower, I think you then have the advantage as a Faithful. If I am a Faithful, I'm going to try and feel people out really quickly and stay enough in the shadows so that I'm not identified as a threat.


45, Events Coordinator from London

On applying for The Traitors...

I was looking for an adventure. I've spent my life moving around, moving cities, moving countries, doing different things but lately I've been in the same place kind of doing the same thing. I'm happy where I am, I'm happy with the way my life is but I do need a little bit of an adventure.

On how they'd feel if they were a Traitor....

I'm going to be quite happy. It's not about wanting to be deceitful and wanting to lie to people. To me, it's that I want to play this game and I want to win.

The best chance I have to win this game is to be a Traitor. I think it's important for me to build really strong alliances with my fellow Traitors, because there's strength in numbers. If we can have a good game plan with each other, that will be the way forward.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

Generally speaking, I can be quite good at sussing people out because I do trust my instincts. I think my experience of working in public facing jobs for 20 plus years, moving around and meeting so many people, you do get to learn little things.

I may not be able to necessarily articulate them, but I know I can pick out certain behaviours. I do know that I'm probably going to be quite vocal, which might put me in the spotlight.

I think if I can figure out who the Traitors are, I would make them think that I'm on their side because they're more likely to keep you around if they think you're an ally. Rather than pick them out and throw them under the bus straightaway.


67, Retired Shop Owner from Loughborough

On applying for The Traitors...

When I watched it last year, I thought to myself: I could do that. That was it. Then I think Claudia had announced that applications were open and before I knew it, I was on the link. I’d never ever dreamt in a million years that I'd be where I am now.

So that was it really, no other reason. Oh and, to speak the truth, the location is beautiful, that castle is fantastic, and why not at 66?

On how they'd feel if they were a Traitor....

Fabulous! I did say that's what I wanted because I love the cloaks. I think I'd be good as a Traitor, but if I'm not, I'm not going to be heartbroken. You could be recruited at another point. What will be, will be!

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

To be a Faithful you've got to be observant. So, if I'm a Faithful, I'll have to watch people. You've got to be observant and alert, watching for signs. I would say I'm cunning, as cunning as a fox. I am a bit like that but not in a nasty way!


33, Photographer from Glasgow

On applying for The Traitors...

I watched the first series and, obviously, really enjoyed it. I like that it's different and it's a sort of mystery, whodunnit, type thing. I am also familiar with the format because every Christmas I play a game called Werewolves with my family which is quite similar. I also want to test myself.

Whenever I’m watching TV, I always think “I could do that” even for shows like SAS: Who Dares Wins, although in retrospect I’d probably last two minutes and then start crying. I felt the same way when watching The Traitors and now I get the opportunity to see if I will be any good!

On how they'd feel if they were a Traitor....

I'd love it because I would then be more in control of my fate. It would mean that I'd be on the show for longer, which would then mean I'm in with a better chance of genuinely having the full experience – there's more chance of getting to the final.

Although I do think that there's more chance of winning if you're a Faithful, but if I get the touch on the shoulder, I'd be absolutely buzzing. I really would be.

On the qualities they'd need if they were a Faithful....

I think you need to be hyper aware of how you're acting, but I guess this can be a positive or a negative. So not be too forthcoming, but also not being too quiet because if you're too quiet people might think that you're nervous and you're a Traitor. If you’re too forthcoming that can actually show that you are a Traitor as well, firing out accusations all over the place.

Trying hard during the missions too because everyone will want to win as much money as possible. I think the main things will be being very aware of how I’m acting to other people, observe others and take notes when I'm alone at night like a mad man!


34, Mental Health Area Manger from Bristol

On applying for The Traitors...

I loved series one, I love the game and it’s just a little bit of me, it literally is my personality. I like to analyse everything. Everywhere I go I'm constantly thinking, looking at people's body language, trying to work people out. To the point that sometimes I have to switch off my brain!

Obviously, the prize is great! I love the adrenaline too even though I'll get nervous as you know anyone would. I loved the missions too, they were so cool. I loved the hay bale one... I hope they use the hay bales again!

On how they'd feel if they were a Traitor....

Scared, I think! I mean, I’ve tried to prepare for it just in case it does happen. But I think I’d be a little bit worried.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

I’d just ask as many questions as I can. Pull on my experiences at work to suss people out. I’ll try not to be influenced by what other people say as well, make my own mind up.


32, Recruitment Manager from Warwickshire

On applying for The Traitors...

Because it looks quite challenging. You don’t see many shows like this, so when I saw it on TV I thought it was really refreshing to watch something different. So, I applied for the challenge, I wasn’t even thinking about the money. Personally, I’d prefer to be a Traitor but if not, I definitely want to try and catch one.

I applied on Christmas Day last year while I was with my family and they were encouraging me, I started it and then left it. I went back to it in the first week of January and now here I am! I wasn’t quite expecting this.

On how they'd feel if they were a Traitor....

I think my heart will jump out of my chest and I'll have to keep my composure. To be honest, there won’t be anyone at that table that won't be panicking. I really would love to be a Traitor but if it did happen, I’d probably panic and then try to focus on the calm. The only problem is there’s lots of people trying to catch you!

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

If I am a Faithful and I think I know who the Traitors are, I wouldn’t call them out. Unless it was at the Round Table and I was going for a majority, I'd do it then so that I didn’t look dodgy.

Even if I had some solid evidence, it would be better to have that person on side as a friend. I’d rather do that because they won't get rid of you and then when it comes to the final moments, you can get rid of them. I’d rather do that because that’s the only way you’re going to stay safe as a Faithful. Otherwise, they’re just going to eliminate you.


63, Retired Teacher from Lancashire

On applying for The Traitors...

Mainly because my children said I could never do something like this! We started watching series one together and l just loved the idea of the challenge. I thought it would be great to have a go and see if I could do it.

On how they'd feel if they were a Traitor....

Awful! To be honest, I think the Traitors have a better chance of getting further. If I did end up being one, I don’t think I’d be very good, I think I'd be very obvious. I’d just have to get on with it. Also, as a Faithful when you have to banish someone that you’re friends with, you’d feel bad, but I think you’d almost feel less bad doing that as a Traitor.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

Just to be me. As a teacher at a PRU I've had to use tactics to get control of a classroom. I'd use humour a lot, and you had to know when to pick your battles. I know from last series that Wilfred was saying he was going to bring people on side and try and cause ripples, but I won’t do anything like that.


29, Veterinary Nurse from Inverness

On applying for The Traitors...

I’d watched the previous series before and everyone I know has watched it and loved it as well. It was a real topic of conversation at work, and it’s filmed 30 minutes up the road!

I’m 29, so it’s the last year of my 20s and I think I may be having a bit of an existential crisis about turning 30, just overthinking it a bit too much. When I turned 29, I said to myself, “I’m going to do 30 things before I’m 30 that I’ve always wanted to do.” I ran the Edinburgh Marathon this year, I’ve visited Scottish islands and I do a lot of hiking.

Working my way through my list I still had two more things to complete. I’d left two free to see what would happen, see if something came up, if I decided on something half-way through the year that I wanted to do then I'd do it. When I had one remaining, The Traitors series two came around and I said, “OK, that’s going to be my last thing. That's going to be my final 30 before 30.”

On how they'd feel if they were a Traitor....

I’d be alright with it! I think I understand that it’s a game. In real life you have to tell little white lies all the time, little deceptions, and you lie to yourself all the time, like “My diet starts Monday” or “I’m only going out for one thing.”

However, I feel like in real life you stop yourself from the big lies, you stop yourself from big strategic manipulations. This game just allows you to be as naughty as you want to be. Literally, it encourages you to be as devilish as you can, and you might get a payday at the end of it. That’s amazing, sign me up for it!

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

I think showing up in the Missions. Some of the patterns from the Traitors are people that they know, or believe are Faithfuls, they keep them in because they’re good at Missions and I do think I’d be really good at those.

I think I’d be good at winning money for them. I can put myself in that environment, I can put myself under stress and in the mud, and in the water and up the hills as well, so I think I would be a good Faithful. I think I would keep myself under the radar too. Watch me say all of this now, and then I’m not actually that good! Imagine... no pressure.


22, British Army Engineer from Slough

On applying for The Traitors...

I just thought it was a great opportunity. It’s a life changing experience and not many people get to say that they’ve been on TV! It will be such a great experience. Don’t get me wrong though, the money at the end would also be life-changing.

On how they'd feel if they were a Traitor....

Happy. 100%. I want to be a Traitor so bad! I know everyone says it, but I’ve always said I feel like I’ve got a Jekyll and Hyde in me where Monday to Friday I’m a Corporal and as soon as it hits Friday, I’m just Harry and I don’t want to think about work for the weekend.

I also have five brothers and sisters so I can tell little white lies and I make myself believe them first and then it just becomes the truth.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

It’s pretty simple, I’ll just be 100% honest. I’m going to have no lies, no secrets about my life, and instead, open up and speak about my life and my experiences. I think that’s where some people went wrong last time, they held a lot of things back.

If you lie, even if you’re not a Traitor, you’re in such close proximity that the knowledge that you’re capable of lying might make them just assume you’re a Traitor anyway. If I’m just truthful then there’s never a situation where someone can call me out on anything I’ve said or start subconsciously thinking I’m a Traitor. So, my Faithful plan is to just be 100% Faithful about everything.


26, Sales Executive from London

On applying for The Traitors...

I just think I’ll be great at it. I work in sales so I’m a professional truth embezzler which is kind of my tagline, and why I wanted to go on to The Traitors.

I also think that ultimately, I have the personality to do well. I’m very personable, and people tend to want to befriend me a lot which is how you get people on side. It’s a game of making allies, isn't it? You don’t want people to vote you out.

On how they'd feel if they were a Traitor....

I think I’ll be fine. I would be comfortable being a Traitor. It’s a game at the end of the day and everyone knows it's a game. It’s not that deep. It's not typically who I am as a person but I just want to win the money, and so does everyone else.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

I think my game plan as a Faithful would just be to try and be as open and friendly as possible. I’m naturally very empathetic so I’m a person that people can confide in and go towards if they want advice. I think it will come organically for me too because if they feel like they’re in a safe space, they might share things with me. I’d then be able to read people and start to weed them out.


30, National Account Manager from Manchester

On applying for The Traitors...

I think it was my in-laws to be honest, they were halfway through an episode of series one and said to me and the missus, “Have you watched this? Sit down with us and watch this right now.” We watched it, looked at each other and said, “This is just amazing.” I liked everything about it.

Obviously, we then watched the whole series and it totally resonated with everything I’ve been through. After watching, I never thought there was going to be A) a second series, B) that I was going to apply, and C) I was going to be selected. It’s like the stars have aligned themselves. I’m a bit cheesy and I think everything happens for a reason but, genuinely, everything just feels right.

On the possibility of being a Traitor....

Absolutely buzzing. I’m ready to be one, it’s just perfect. I feel like I’ll be able to play it well. I’m hyping myself up now, I need to calm myself down!

On the qualities they'd need if they were a Faithful....

I think being a team player, being personable and getting everyone onside. It’s important to form a clique, I suppose this applies if you’re a Traitor as well. Form a clique of the strongest and most influential people, or the people you believe hold a lot of importance and who others rely on.

You have to get in amongst the group and stick closely with them. That’s what I saw from the last series, that’s what Wilfred was trying to do, he formed that little group. If I was a Faithful that’s what I’d do.


31, Ex-Military from Bedfordshire

On applying for The Traitors...

It’s my cup of tea, I love that sort of thing. I did a lot of research on the show and also looked at the Dutch version too to try and figure it out a little bit. I’m definitely lacking in those sorts of adventures and that sort of mindset from being in the Army, there’s an excitement to it. It’s about getting myself out there, I’ve got two young kids, and it would be nice to make them proud as well.

On the possibility of being a Traitor....

I’d be quite excited, but I also wouldn’t underestimate it because you’re going to make friendships with people and there will be some hard decisions to be made. Because I am empathetic, I do care about people, as much as I love to wind people up, I do still care.

I’d enjoy it because it is just a game, and everyone knows that, so that would make me feel a bit better about myself if I was Traitor and maybe it would allow me to be a bit more brutal.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

It would be similar to the Traitor plan in the sense that, I’m an observer. I would try and figure people out. I’m intuitive as well, I kind of just have a knowing, I just have a feeling sometimes and nine times out of ten it’s right.

Being a Faithful is a completely different ballgame. I think it’s more of a chilled-out environment, but at the same time you have to be continuously observing and also being careful about what you say to people as well.


21, Apprentice Economist from Kent

On applying for The Traitors...

I applied to go on The Traitors because I watched the first season with my family, we watched it all together. Me and my sisters are really close. We then watched the American version and I went through a stage where I was like “I really want to be on a game show” but then I got scared and didn’t want to do it. Then I just plucked up the courage and decided to do it.

The main motivation behind it is that my sister is getting married soon, we come from a lower-class background, and I'd love to win something to help towards her wedding – and hopefully honeymoon. I am also very physically active as well, so this can push me both mentally and physically. Why not try to play and have fun with it at the same time?

On the possibility of being a Traitor....

I think if I am a Traitor, I’ll feel a mix of emotions, there’s an element of power which is nice, but on the other hand, I really think that it'll be a lot of pressure. There are so many emotions involved so I think it will be very psychological.

I think being a Traitor plays more on your mind, because it's like, “Oh, my God, I'm actually deceiving these people.” I imagine 90% of people will want to be a Traitor so I don’t know if I'll be one.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

If I'm a Faithful, I feel like I'll be really good at spotting liars and I'm a good judge of character. I think I'll be able to spot people who are trying to influence and manipulate others, it’s also easy to identify when that’s being done to you. Being in a household full of women, and also my work, has allowed me to become a good judge of character.

I like sussing people out, I like discovering things and I like being part of a team. I think I'll get to know everyone, do the best I can and make sure that the Faithfuls win.


22, Illustrator from Herefordshire

On applying for The Traitors...

I just love it. I loved watching series one with my mum, we were hooked. We were gutted that they were only showing three episodes a week because we just wanted to binge it. My mum suggested that I'd be good on it, I didn’t think I would be but agreed that I'd think about it.

When I saw Claudia Winkleman’s post saying that applications were open, I said “Screw it. Why not? I'll give it a go. I probably won’t get very far.” I thought I'd just apply and see what happened and now obviously I've got to this point and it’s like an actual fever dream.

On the possibility of being a Traitor....

I don’t know. I’ve said to my mum that I want to be a Faithful. I’m not a great liar so I'd rather be a Faithful but if I get chosen by Claudia as a Traitor, I'll probably just go with it and try my best. If I’m a Faithful, I’ll give the Faithfuls my all.

If I’m a Traitor, I’ll give the Traitors my all. I think the hardest bit for me would be in that moment around the round table if I get chosen, having to sit around the table and be as cool as a cucumber, that would be the hardest bit for me.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

To be honest, I’d just speak as I find. If I spot something a little off, I'd keep it in the back of my head for a bit. If someone says something that doesn’t ring right with me I'd be thinking “It could be you then!” I’d probably plant a few seeds with other people to see what others thought. Point out a few things that someone has said earlier or some facial expressions that I've seen.


36, Veterinary Nurse from Birmingham, now lives in Worcestershire

On applying for The Traitors...

Basically, I’ve done everything that I feel like is the cookie cutter thing to do, you know? I went to school, went to college, got my qualification, found my husband, had a family. I just thought I’ve done everything so “correct”. When I saw the show, I thought it was quite clever, quite different. It was nicely done. I like that the show has normal, everyday people.

There are going to be times when you’re going to have beef with people, because we’ll get so involved in the roles that we’re playing. It’s just that, I'm playing a role. As long as my nearest and dearest know that then that’ll make me feel a bit better – it's not real life.

On the possibility of being a Traitor....

I think it would be hard, because obviously you make relationships which make it hard to lie to these people. At the same time, you’ve got to be a good Traitor. When you think of people like Wilfred, he was playing the game well and you admired him because it was so hard to do. I think I would feel the same way.

It’s bittersweet but I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. I’m in that role so I’m going to do that role properly, I want to do it well. I’m very much aware that it is just a game, it’s about trying to get that nice balance of being genuine and playing the game.

I don’t have to lie about who I am, or my thoughts and beliefs, but I also have got a job to do and that’s why I think I’d be comfortable as a Traitor or a Faithful, really.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

Genuine, honest and keeping my cards very close to my chest. I’m one of these people who will probably water an idea rather than plant one. Because I’ve got quite a bit of humour and whatnot people think I’m quite ditzy and will think that the humour is me not paying attention to something, but really, I’m taking it all in. I kind of hide behind that a little bit. I think that’s probably what I’ll do, just water other people’s ideas.


21, Disability Model from Bristol

On applying for The Traitors...

I watched the first series and I just loved how different it was. It’s exciting and there’s missions too. Although there’s teamwork involved, there’s also the sneakiness behind it all. I don’t feel like I’ve ever watched something as unique as this show. It had you gripped the whole time, so I just loved it. I thought it was such a great idea.

On the possibility of being a Traitor....

I think it’s going to change things for me as I have thought of myself as more of a Faithful. I think you’ve just got to get into the game, get into the mindset that you’re still a Faithful until the evenings and when you meet up at night.

I think your mindset, whether you get tapped on the shoulder or not, is to be a Faithful in the daytime. You’ve got to convince yourself that that is who you are, so that you can then convince other people.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

I think just deflecting the attention from you to someone else. As much as you want to find the Traitors, someone going home is one less person to worry about as well. You’ve got to think that as long as your name is not being brought up at the Round Table, then that’s a good thing.

You obviously want to get the Traitors out because then they can’t murder you at night, but with another Faithful gone you’re a step closer to the end. You’ve kind of got to get the numbers down as best as possible and try your best for a Traitor.


36, Business Manager from Manchester

On applying for The Traitors...

There are two answers for this. First and foremost, all of my friends and family said, “You need to watch this show, you need to go on this show.” That was before I had seen it and I still don’t know if that’s a compliment or not! When I watched it, it was about people that are really good at lying, what were they saying?! So, there was that but then I watched it and just fell in love with it straight away as it’s properly up my street.

I love the activity side of things, especially the mission where they were walking across the drawbridge blindfolded, I really loved that. Then the Round Table with people’s emotions running high, I thought this is definitely something I could get involved in and, you know what, I might be able to succeed in.

On the possibility of being a Traitor....

Well, if Claudia touches my shoulder, I'm never washing that top again. I hope that happens because the more I think about what the show is, it is about the real Traitors, right?

To participate in the show fully is to be a Traitor I think. It’s great to be a Faithful and find the Traitors but I want to be the one that people are trying to find. I would just try to be, calm, normal and just like me. If it happens, I'd be buzzing.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

I've got to be myself all the way. At the start, I actually don’t care who's a Faithful and who's a Traitor, I just need to build a pack. If you’ve got four or five players that can get you through the first Round Table you can be reading the other people. I think it’s more important to find a group first and then start picking people out.

If you go in there as a lone-wolf people might think you’re not trustworthy and want to get you out. I think my personality means I can gain trust quick, or I hope so anyway. I am actually a nice person, promise. Swear down.


28, Video Director from Lancashire

On applying for The Traitors...

Just to throw myself into the deep end of something, I’m so used to being behind a camera that it’s actually very nerve-racking for me to be in front of one. This is something new and I'm well up for the challenge. I’m quite good at the old Among Us game and I thought this looked like a lot of fun.

I’m also really looking forward to having a break from social media, my phone, work and the rest of it. It’s a good excuse to tell my business partner that I just can’t work for three weeks, it’s a nice excuse to do that.

On the possibility of being a Traitor....

I think I’d be a bit gutted because then I’ve actually got to play a game. I feel like it would put me on edge a bit and I might not be able to fully be myself. If I’m probing, I can have a bit of fun with that but if I’m having to lie to people, it sets me on edge a bit.

But, you know, at the same time it’s a game and I’ve done it before in Among Us, this is a bit of a bigger scale, but I could definitely do it again!

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

I’d befriend everyone. I’d try and charm everyone and try and get their secrets from them, that’s the whole thing, isn't it?


66, Volunteer Business Mentor from Lancashire

On applying for The Traitors...

I wanted to do something this year that would challenge me and test all of my abilities. Whether that be physical or mental, and I could use some of the experiences I've had in the past. I just want to be challenged, excited and I want some adrenaline.

I’ve had a difficult few years so have thought right, let’s go for it and do something a bit crazy and exciting. I wouldn’t do anything except The Traitors. It's so interesting, complicated, thoughtful and devious. It's right up my street! It’s the first thing I've ever applied for, and here I am.

On the possibility of being a Traitor....

I’m really hoping I'll be a Traitor. I think I've got the mental resilience to cope. Having looked at the programme, I can see it's much more challenging than you think it's going to be. But I think I've got this toolkit of ways to negotiate with people and ways to get the best out of people. I think when you negotiate, it isn't about doing a good deal just for your company or yourself. It's about a win-win. So, everybody gets something good.

I think I'm going to find a way to get the best information out of people without upsetting them, and just be totally devious and use that information to murder and manipulate. I think I'm a bit of a crowd pleaser as well, not intentionally, but I seem to amuse people, often by mistake, but who cares. I think that accidental crowd pleasing might serve me well in my undercover activities. I'm looking forward to it, I just want to be a secret guided missile and knit two, pearl two, kill one!

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

I'll just be devious really. I'll turn it on its head, I'll be the most devious Faithful you can be. I think there are almost as many opportunities as a Faithful to mislead people, to lie, to misrepresent and to confuse. I would hope to be able to identify the Traitors and make them think I am safe and not to be worried about, you know?

I think my biggest challenge might be being slightly older than some people, they may not consider me a major contribution to the Missions. I'm going to do them, I’ll fling myself everywhere, they can dangle me off anything, I’ll jump off anything, I'll do it all but I'm not sure I'll do it as well as others. I’m going to be fearless and chuck myself out there.


58, Sonographer and Clairvoyant from Inverness

On applying for The Traitors...

I just loved it. I thought it was the best game show I've seen in such a long time. I've never wanted to apply for a game show ever. Every day after I watched the series, I kept checking when I could apply for series two.

I just knew I wanted to be on it and it just hit something with me, I thought “I want to be on this”. It was mainly the psychology of it and meeting people that you don't normally meet in your normal life.

On the possibility of being a Traitor....

I think I'll be terrified, just terrified. Although you've got to go with whatever opportunity life gives you. If I'm going to be a Traitor, then I will embrace it 100%. You’re going to get close to people really quickly.

I used to go on detachment with people in the military, and they'd be like your best friend for two whole weeks, you couldn't possibly ever live without them and then when you get home, you never contact each other again.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

I think it would be easier to be a Faithful because you could just genuinely be yourself and you would need less of a game plan. You wouldn't have to watch what you were saying constantly. Or thinking that you’ve told a lie and trying to remember it.

As a Faithful you could just literally be yourself and enjoy it for what it is and make sure that people didn't suspect you for any reason.


27, Parliamentary Affairs Advisor from London

On applying for The Traitors...

I think I am very good at reading people, mostly because of my career and I want to see if that is the case. I think it also helps that I come from a small, very tightly-knit, Jewish community where socially everyone just knows each other's business. I suppose I applied for The Traitors to see if I’m as smart as I think I am!

The money would be a huge bonus for my girlfriend and I who are trying to find a flat, and obviously in the cost of living crisis, it’s not great. Fundamentally it’s a bit of a selfish sort of reason, I think that I could win it if I’m a Faithful, I’ve already said that I do not want to be a Traitor at all because I’m never going to win. But I reckon I could win as a Faithful, essentially I’m just trying to see if I’m as delirious or as sane as I think I am!

On the possibility of being a Traitor....

I think I'll feel quite happy. You have the power in your hands, you’re probably going to get through a few Round Tables and have a bit more fun being there for a bit longer. I just don’t think I could win with it though. I know that I would give it away, I smile so much.

If I’m at the Round Table and someone accuses me of being a Traitor I’m probably going to just smile and laugh at them, rather than passionately defend myself. I think I'd be better as a Faithful.

On their game plan if they were a Faithful....

I guess it's tricky. I was really thinking about the first couple of episodes and how I’m going to act and behave to try and avoid getting the boot on the first episode. I think the best way is to sit in the middle in the first few episodes.

If you’re absolutely certain someone is a Traitor, I think you should be loud about it. I think you should call it out straight away because if you’re right and you trust your gut feeling the odds are they can’t vote you off because they’re not going to do that, so you have protection, you basically have immunity if you figure it out immediately.

But on the other hand, you don’t want to raise suspicions so it’s probably best to keep quiet for the first couple of episodes before you know for certain who is who. I guess I can lean on my understanding of facial expressions and tonalities and the way people talk and look.

I’m really bigging myself up and I know I’m going to bottle it! Hopefully, I'll stick in the middle, I'm not going to be dead quiet, not going to attract any attention and say nothing, but I’m not going to say everything or give my hand away.

The Traitors returns Wednesday 3rd January at 9pm on BBC One

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