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FIRST LOOK This Time with Alan Partridge 2

The BBC have released a first look image from the second series of This Time with Alan Partridge.

The first series saw Alan Partridge, played by Steve Coogan, invited back onto the BBC after 25 years away, to co-host popular magazine show This Time alongside Jennie Gresham, played by Susannah Fielding.

But the appointment is temporary, as Jennie's regular co-host, John Baskell, has been taken ill.

However, Alan ends up sticking around for a lot longer after John passes away.

As we rejoin Alan and Jennie, he is now established as the show’s co-presenter, and series two follows Alan on air and off as he tries to cling on to his position, in the face of behind-the-scenes upheaval and Alan’s fears that his relevance is dwindling.

This Time with Alan Partridge returns in 2021 on BBC One


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