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FIRST LOOK Trigonometry

This Sunday (15th March) BBC Two launch their latest drama Trignometry, about a modern-day love story and today they have released a new images and first look trailer.

The eight episodes have been written by Duncan Macmillan and Effie Woods in their first joint television project andTrigonometry is a love story about three people who are made for each other. But this isn't your average love triangle...

Gemma and Kieran, played by Thalissa Teixeira and Gary Carr are a cash-strapped couple, living in London who open their small apartment to a third person, played by Ariane Labed. Somehow, the new addition makes the flat seem bigger, not smaller. But before long, their collective future is thrown into doubt. Can they find a new way to love? Will the world let them?

Accomplished chef Gemma and her paramedic boyfriend, Kieran live together in West London above Gemma’s café. They're madly in love, but unfortunately love alone can’t pay café suppliers or London rent.

The pair are barely making ends meet and their different shift patterns mean they’re like ships in the night. To ease some financial pressure, they’ve decided to take in a lodger.

Enter Ray, a former world-class synchronised swimmer, whose arrival with a Volvo full of baggage commences a modern-day love story that will change the trio’s lives, and how they view relationships, forever.

It's a drama about London, now. A city of transition and contradiction, detailed and tough and wonderful. It’s a city that doesn’t wear its romance as obviously as Paris or Venice or Rome but which has its moments.

Walking across Hammersmith Bridge at sunset. The view of the city from the top of Primrose Hill. Racing hand-in-hand to catch the last tube home and just making it through the closing doors. Hailing a black cab in rainy, garish Piccadilly Circus. And the people of London, the kind, funny, diverse, opinionated, vivid Londoners.

And here are some pictures from the first episode...

The series also stars Rebecca Humphries, Isabella Laughland, Ambreen Razia and Anne Consigny.

Trigonometry starts Sunday 15th March at 10pm followed by another episode at 10.45pm on BBC Two


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