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FIRST LOOK We Are Lady Parts

Today Channel 4 have released the first image from Nida Manzoor’s anarchic, joyful and irreverent new music comedy, We Are Lady Parts.

The six-part series follows a Muslim female punk band called Lady Parts, who are on a mission to find a lead guitarist and maybe, just maybe, get a proper gig.

Airing this Spring, We Are Lady Parts promises to be a bold and celebratory comedy exploring sisterhood, belonging and finding your voice. This joyful celebration of the richness and diversity found in contemporary London, is also an exploration on the fundamental questions of life; Who am I? Where and with whom do I belong?

Written, created and directed by Nida Manzoor, the series is ultimately about funny women with real agency, forging their own lives and identities in a world determined to do it for them and Nida has drawn on her own experiences and taken inspiration from the rich and diverse cultural collectives and artists in London.

We Are Lady Parts boasts an exciting ensemble cast of new British acting talent and shows the highs and lows of the band – called Lady Parts – as seen through the eyes of Amina Hussain, played by Anjana Vasan, a geeky microbiology PhD student, who’s on the lookout for love and romance.

Lady Parts’ fierce and enigmatic front woman Saira, played by Sarah Kameela Impey, sees something in Amina that the others can't see. When Saira discovers Amina fancies Ahsan, played by Zaqi Ismail, fellow band member and taxi-driving drummer Ayesha’s, played by Juliette Motamed, dreamboat brother, she uses this as leverage by offering to hook them both up on a date, but only if Amina agrees to join the band.

Cartoon-drawing bassist and backing vocalist Bisma, played by Faith Omole and Momtaz, played by Lucie Shorthouse, the band’s wheeler-dealer band manager are not convinced that Amina is right for their band.

Amina has never, ever met girls like this before and she’s soon swept up in their joyful, anarchic energy and punk spirit. But she becomes torn and caught up between two different worlds – that of her more strait-laced uni friends led by her formidable bestie Noor, played by Aiysha Hart, and the world of Lady Parts.

Will she be the key to the band’s success? And - will she finally find a husband?

The series is packed with original punk songs and surprising cover tracks, written and adapted by Nida and her siblings Shez Manzoor, who also scored the show, Sanya Manzoor and Benni Fregin.

We Are Lady Parts will air this Spring on Channel 4


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