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Fiz breaks down on Christmas Day in Corrie unaware of Tyrone's surprise wedding

Will Tyrone’s surprise wedding spectacularly backfire?

On Christmas Day, Fiz opens up her Christmas present and is disappointed to discover a box of chocolates and a keyring as Tyrone shares a secret grin with the girls.

Intent on surprising Fiz, Tyrone, Hope and Ruby descend the stairs in their wedding outfits only to find a note on the table informing them that she’s gone to buy a turkey. In a panic, Tyrone calls Fiz’s phone, only to find she’s left it at home.

As Chesney and Gemma instruct him to head to the hotel while Bernie and Dev wait for Fiz, Fiz’s car breaks down on a country road.

Realising she has no phone, Fiz sets off on foot to look for a phone box as Tyrone tells the guests it looks like the wedding is off.

As they head to the Rovers to tuck into the buffet, has Tyrone’s surprise spectacularly backfired? Or when Fiz stops a passing walker called Chris, and explains her predicament, will he help?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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