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Fiz continues to cover for Hope in Corrie as Tyrone tells the police the truth

How will she feel about Hope being questioned? And could this bring Tyrone and Fiz closer together?

Having spent the night in a police cell, Fiz sticks to her story that she started the fire and Evelyn urges Tyrone to make her see sense, pointing out that Hope needs professional help.

Unhappy about the cover-up, Alina points out that Hope could cause someone harm and it will be his fault. This forces Tyrone to tell the police it was Hope that started the fire.

Demanding to know why she hasn’t been charged following her confession, Fiz is told that new information has come to light. They know that Hope started the fire. After trying to deny it, Fiz quickly cracks and begs them not to punish her little girl.

Released with a caution, Fiz finds Tyrone waiting for her and is furious with him for throwing Hope to the wolves and orders him to stay away from them. However, Evelyn forces Tyrone and Fiz to put on a united front and explain to Hope that the police will want to talk to her about the fire.

As Fiz and Tyrone deliver Hope to the police station, Evelyn acts as Hope’s appropriate adult as DS Abney gently questions her about the difference between right and wrong. Explaining how she used the nail polish remover and the candle to set light to the cot, Hope says she never meant to harm anyone.

Hope’s solicitor reveals she will be charged after admitting to starting the fire and Fiz and Tyrone reel to hear that she could face a trial.

In the Rovers, Alina is upset to hear Jenny, Sally and Tim full of sympathy for Fiz and Tyrone over the Hope situation. Feeling sorry for herself, Alina orders a double gin and tonic and when a tipsy emerges from the Rovers, she's hurt to see Fiz and Tyrone heading to No.9 laden with chips.

Spotting her weaving about, Fiz sends Tyrone to see her home and Alina tells Tyrone she felt forgotten as he focused on Fiz and Hope. Regretting how things have worked out, Tyrone says he'd imagined they’d marry and raise a family.

When Alina agrees to try again and get married, Tyrone is stunned, realising he’s accidentally proposed!

As they prepare to leave for Hope’s sentencing, Tyrone drops the bombshell on Fiz and Evelyn that he’s engaged to Alina.

At the youth court, Evelyn pours scorn on Tyrone for getting engaged by accident and Fiz feels a fool for believing it was over between them and that he was putting his family first.

After Chesney informs Fiz that he and Gemma have agreed that Hope can’t visit No.5 until they know she is no longer a danger, Fiz is crushed to realise Chesney views Hope as a danger to his children.

Calling at No.9, Tyrone emotionally blames himself for wrecking everyone’s lives then bursts into tears. Fiz is taken aback by his unhappiness and they both crack open the prosecco.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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