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Fiz fights back the tears in Corrie as Tyrone plays happy families with Alina

And he has some bad news for Kevin and Abi.

Calling at No.9, Chesney warns Fiz that locking Tyrone out solves nothing and she needs to be the bigger person for the sake of the girls. Next, calling at the garage, Chesney tells Tyrone he’s persuaded Fiz to let him see the girls.

Gently explaining to Hope and Ruby that he no longer wants to be with Mummy, Tyrone tells them he’s fallen in love with somebody else but he’ll always love them very much.

When Tyrone takes the girls to Speed Daal for their tea, Hope spots Alina and asks her to join them, pointing out that she's Daddy's girlfriend - leaving them both mortified! Over tea, Hope quizzes Alina about her favourite things and to Tyrone’s delight, it’s clear the girls are smitten.

Making up with Maria, Fiz admits her biggest fear is that the girls will choose Alina over her and as Tyrone, Alina, Hope and Ruby tumble out of Speed Daal in high spirits, Fiz steams over and doing her best not to cry and drags the girls away.

Elsewhere, Tyrone and Tim bicker over the best place to hold Kevin’s stag do and when he makes it clear that he’s expecting to take Alina with him to their wedding, Kevin and Abi are quietly horrified, aware of how much it will upset Fiz.

Sally's horrified when Abi reveals that Tyrone’s intending to bring Alina to their wedding and realising that Alina is not welcome at the wedding, Tyrone takes umbrage and tells Kevin and Abi they can stuff their wedding and is resigning from Best Man.

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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