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Fiz prepares to fight for custody in Corrie after Tyrone and Alina cross a line

Will Fiz back down?

When Tyrone realises he’s double booked himself with work and having the girls, Alina offers to help and Hope convinces Alina that Fiz won’t mind if she gives her eyelash extensions.

Fiz is thrilled when Sarah suggests flexible hours at the factory as a machinist, until she realises that it was Alina's idea. Calling at the salon flat to collect the girls, how will Fiz react to Hope's false eyelashes?

Hearing about Tyrone and Alina’s sexy photo shoot, Fiz is fuming and demands that Tyrone contributes to Hope’s zoo trip.

And when Tyrone gets a call from school asking him to collect Hope as she’s been playing up, Hope takes her mood out on Alina before running into the road.

Ronnie manages to stop as Alina explains how Hope ran in front of the car just to scare her. But as Fiz approaches, what will Hope’s story be?

Deciding that she has to put the girls’ safety first, Fiz tells Tyrone that he's not to see them again until there’s a proper consent order in place. Horrified, Tyrone points out that Ruby is his daughter and not hers! As Fiz reels, Evelyn is furious at the line Tyrone has crossed.

Reading a message from the bank, a riled Fiz approaches Adam, revealing she needs his help. And when Fiz discovers that Tyrone has been out spending money clubbing with Alina, she's furious.

After revealing that she intends to apply for a parental consent order for Ruby, Tyrone is stunned and vows to fight her all the way!

Back from a breakdown call, Craig approaches Tyrone and smelling alcohol on him, orders him to take a breathalyser test. Incensed, Tyrone confronts Fiz, accusing her of trying to have him arrested in a bid to bolster her chances of custody.

When Evelyn warns Fiz that there are no winners in a custody battle. Will Fiz back down?

Corrie continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV


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