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Frankie leaves for Australia in EastEnders

But will Mick try and stop her?

When Linda suggests going out for Mick’s birthday, he worries about Tina as she never forgets his birthday. As Mick takes a phone call from Zsa Zsa, Stuart says he will organise Mick’s birthday, much to Linda’s dismay.

As Frankie is dropped home by the police, Callum reminds her that she needs to stay out of trouble if she wants to work in Australia.

Interrupted by Stuart, he invites them to Mick's birthday party at The Vic, not knowing who Frankie really is. Realising that he has no idea she's been invited, Frankie is left deflated.

Spotting Mick in the Square later, Frankie pushes him for answers about her mum - but distracted about Tina, he snaps which leads Frankie to rethink her future.

Hungover, Frankie enters the café to see Mick and despite the tension, wishes him a happy birthday and tells him that she's leaving today.

After witnessing Denise discussing Raymond with Phil, Mick asks Ben about where Frankie is going and is thrown when he tells him that she's already left for Australia. Will he go after her?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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