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Frankie worries that Morgan will die after causing her overdose in Hollyoaks

Will JJ keep her secret? Or will his behaviour finally be exposed?


As JJ tries to discourage Frankie going to her counselling, Darren finds some of her art that seems to portray deep unhappiness.

At the counselling sessions, Darren, Frankie and the counsellor talk about her night terrors and what is really happening in the picture, before the counsellor suggests regular meetings.

Later, Nancy warns JJ that Frankie needs boundaries and he needs to stay out of her room, while she is having night terrors.

Meanwhile at school, Frankie, Leah and Vicky gossip and when Frankie is finally with friends, JJ bursts in and angry about his football injury lashes out, witnessed by the room.

Nancy is left trying to reason with JJ and gives him a pep talk and says she’ll stay with Frankie again as long as poorly Morgan sleeps through.

Desperate, Frankie wants Morgan to go to sleep and gives the baby medicine before Darren comes home to find Morgan has been sick and he can’t wake her. And Frankie tells JJ that she gave Morgan antihistamine medication so that Nancy would stay in her room.

At the hospital, Misbah says Morgan will be fine but has had an overdose. Back at the Osbornes, Frankie tells JJ she is scared that Morgan will die and he says he will lie to say she was in her room all night, but there will be consequences.

At school Frankie has a dance recital but tells JJ she won’t perform if he is there. When Donny catches Frankie stealing cash from the float at he market, Mercedes and Maxine talk Donny into letting her off, but he bans her from the market.

With Nancy still stressed about Oscar ‘medicating’ Morgan, Frankie feels guilty and rips her ballet shoe.

After asking her for money, a stressed Nancy gives her a lecture on resilience whilst Charlie overhears.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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