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Freddie leads Rocky's wife Jo to Kathy's doorstep in EastEnders

Will Kathy call off the engagement?

As he and Kathy prepare to meet the Vicar to discuss their upcoming nuptials, Rocky worries that his past will catch up with him.

Back at home, Rocky struggles to contain his guilt as he overhears Kathy gushing to Bobby about her second chance at love.

Retreating to the backyard, Rocky is interrupted by a concerned Sonia who is stunned when Rocky reveals he got married 25 years ago and they never got divorced!

The following day, disgusted to learn about Rocky’s secret, Sonia gives him an ultimatum. Either he tells Kathy by the end of the day, or she will.

As he heads home to meet with Kathy and the Vicar, Rocky continues to lie about his past. And when Sonia shares her disdain for Rocky to Reiss, he manages to convince her to take a more sympathetic view.

Panicked that she may have ruined everything, Sonia rushes over to No.45 on a false pretence and later, Reiss and Sonia strategise with Rocky about his predicament and he starts to feel more optimistic about the future.

After enlisting their help in tracking down Jo, his wife, Sonia, Reiss and Harvey have no luck and Sonia encourages Rocky to be honest with Kathy.

Later, in the café, sensing Reiss' struggle, Freddie steps in and tracks Jo down in a number of minutes. But when he learns about Rocky's lies, Freddie heads to the car lot and takes his revenge before revealing to Rocky that he tracked Jo down and gave her Kathy’s address.

Spotting Jo approaching No.45 and introducing herself to Kathy, Rocky is horrified! Kathy meanwhile, is stunned as Jo barges past her, followed by a guilty Rocky. And all hell breaks loose.

The following day, Sonia and Reiss discuss the situation with Kathy and Rocky who both sympathise with the other and with Reiss’ words ringing true, Sonia heads over to Kathy’s to try and convince her to give Rocky another chance.

Having been touched by Reiss’ actions, Sonia invites him to visit Bangkok to meet Bex, but Reiss isn’t convinced by the idea and explains he can’t afford it. Sonia isn’t fazed by his reaction, but is there more to it?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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