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Freddie's determination to help Billy in EastEnders angers Phil

But when Phil drops a bombshell, will his determination change?

When Phil suggests he’s unable to help him get a better solicitor, Billy is upset and Freddie tries to find a job to financially aid Billy with his legal fees.

After being offered a trial shift at the chippy, Freddie impresses Bobby and is offered a permanent position.

Honey and Billy are both pleased but Honey reminds Billy he needs to tell him the truth. When Freddie overhears Billy’s solicitor telling him he could face a long prison sentence, he's left even more to determined to help him.

When Phil says he is unable to help, Freddie turns to Ben and asks for a good solicitor. Oblivious to Phil’s involvement, Ben agrees to help.

Later, Phil is furious when Freddie tells him Ben has sorted Billy a good lawyer from Ritchie’s firm. Raging after Freddie ignored his warning, Phil drops a bombshell!

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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