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Freddie tracks down his father, Graham Foster, in EastEnders

How will Graham react to his son turning up?

When Kat reveals that Phil is planning to take the twins away for their birthday, Freddie helps Aldie arrange a surprise pirate-themed birthday party for Bert and Ernie and the party is a roaring success.

After watching Alfie’s amazing fatherly bond with his children, Freddie decides he wants to find his dad and demands the truth from Kat about his father's identity. But she quickly dismisses him, in an attempt to protect him from the truth.

Undeterred, Freddie continues to search for answers and asks Alfie and Billy to share what they know. Intercepting the conversation, Kat agrees to tell Freddie the truth later that evening. However, not wanting to betray Little Mo's trust, Kat lies to him.

Overhearing a conversation between Kat, Jean and Harvey, Tommy heads to Freddie to share his dad’s real name who beams to discover a 'Graham Foster' on a car dealership website with a contact number, unaware of the truth relating to his conception.

Later, Bobby helps Freddie to set up a clandestine meeting with his dad, Graham, as he pretends to test drive one of his cars. Overwhelmed at being face-to-face with his dad, Freddie soon reveals his true identity.

Meanwhile, Kat, Billy and Alfie frantically try to track down Freddie before Bobby reluctantly reveals his location under the pressure of Kat’s interrogation.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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