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Gabby and Dawn interview for a nanny at Home Farm in Emmerdale

Will they be impressed by handsome male nanny Nicky?

At Home Farm, Gabby and Dawn sift through the nanny applications and a delighted Kim smells competition as she gives the pair their first joint task.

As Dawn and Gabby pitch opposing ideas to Kim, she conflates the two and demonstrates how they could have worked together to find the best possible solution.

In true Kim Tate style, the nanny interviews at Home Farm are a formal affair and despite Billy’s reassurance, Dawn’s still uncomfortable with someone else looking after their kids.

When the panel interviews a strict, old-fashioned nanny, Kim is surprised that both Gabby and Dawn refuse to employ her, and press on to the next unlikely candidate. The panel, apart from Kim, are impressed with Samantha and intend to deliver the good news after they’ve interviewed one final candidate.

The competition for Home Farm’s Nanny gets hotter when both Dawn and Gabby are both impressed with handsome male nanny Nicky who later agrees to meet the children.

Whilst Kim and Gabby are excited about this new chapter, Dawn still needs a little convincing about having a nanny. But Dawn's worries subside when she sees Nicky make an instant connection with Clemmie and offers him the job.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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